All and personalities in the Chicano culture that is

over the world, male and female have always been compared. The myth has always
been that the male is better than the female. Have you ever wondered how and why
people are different? Their basic differences are intelligence, religion,
responsibilities, and personalities in the Chicano culture that is of course. The
most obvious is their difference in gender, male and female. Many people such as
ancient and modern philosophers say that people are born in equal conditions and
structures. They may have the same intelligence and opinions, such as believing
in God, living an excellent life, helping people. These similarities apply
between men and women who are married, who share their duties equally and
similarly. For example, they both go to work and make a living to have a steady
and more convenient life. Married couples helping each other in their homes,
still have different tasks to do. When they do it for the same purpose, does not
matter what religion or sexuality you are. For example, traditionally, women
are assigned to stay at home and to do household chores. Men, on the other
hand, are to work so he could earn money. He is also responsible for the damages
of the house or his/her vehicle, if however, they have one. This has been the
theory and tradition for past decades or eve in the ancient times it has been
like that. Gender roles in religion and Mexican households have always been a disputed
topic. All the major world religions criticize women to some extent. It is not
a secret that women have historically gotten the short end of the stick. When
it comes to how they are treated and viewed in religion, women are seen as only
house wives. I can safely say that the women do all the work and the men take
all the credit for it, like when men get home from work they just shower and relax,
and women get home from work and start cooking, cleaning, helping the kids, etc.