All-inclusive you need to pay attention to have a

All-inclusive holidays to North Vietnam: things to notice

Vietnam is an appealing country to travel. An all-inclusive holiday to North Vietnam will offer you satisfactory moments while exploring the country.

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Naturally blessed with exquisite landscapes, the thousand-year-old Vietnam is a promising land for tourism. The country has stolen travelers’ hearts by its peaceful living environment, awe-inspiring scenery, and high-valued tradition and culture. Any regions in Vietnam are worth traveling, and North Vietnam is not an exception. Numerous flocks of tourists come to the famous attractions in the North each year. For those who do not know much about the country, Vietnam all-inclusive packages are what they prefer to choose. No matter which packages you are booking, there are some things that you need to pay attention to have a better trip.

1. When to travel.

The S-shaped country has different climate systems in different regions; hence, anytime in a year would be best time to travel Vietnam.

Considering the North of Vietnam, there are theoretically 4 seasons within a year: spring (January to March), summer (April to June), autumn (July to September), and winter (October to December. However, due to the dramatic climate change recently, there tend to have 2 main seasons: the cool to cold weather from October to March and the warm to hot weather from April to September. The cold season between October to March is considered better time to visit the North, despite the fact that it might be extremely cold between December and January. Dry weather, altogether with the high visibility, makes both sightseeing and adventurous trips much easier.  

In contrast, during the summer, it is extremely hot in the North, when the temperature may reach 45?C. Also, this region receives the highest rainfall, which makes the road too bumpy and slippery to travel.

2. Visas and passports.

Your passports must be valid for 6 months upon arrival in Vietnam.

Regarding visas, some nationalities are not required to have visas for their trips to Vietnam such as Norway, Finland, Japan, Korea, and ASEAN members, providing your stay does not exceed the standard length (averagely 15 days). For those who travel to Vietnam with tourist visas, you can stay for up to 30 days.

Visas on arrival, via the embassies and consulates, and E-visas are 3 ways to get your visas. However, considering you are traveling with Vietnam all-inclusive packages, the travel agencies may help you with the visas.

3. Travel tips.

No matter what Vietnam tour packages you are traveling with, there are some notable things to pay attention to have a better trip.

– Although now in some famous destinations in Vietnam, it is possible to use United States Dollar, it is still better to exchange your money to Vietnam Dong in advance. The price of things in Vietnam is quite chip, and USD may not work some times.

Exchanging USD 1,000, you will get around VND 22,000,000 back.

– SIM cards in Vietnam is very cheap (around VND 50,000); therefore, buy one once you arrive in Vietnam. Also, register mobile data so that you can access to the internet. The 3 biggest telecom agencies (Viettel, Vinaphone, and Mobiphone) offer unlimited internet access packages with just about VND 70,000/package/month. It would help a lot when you travel.  

– Although Vietnam is considered a peaceful country, some crimes like pickpocketing and robbing do happen some times. Hence, it is better to keep your valuables in locked chests or by your side. Also, be careful when using high-end stuff such as phones, cameras, and bags in public because someone may suddenly appear and take it away.

–  While you are going shopping, you should not touch any items if you don’t have the intention to buy, especially in early morning. It is considered a bad luck to the shop owners. Sometimes, they may get angry or scold you. More importantly, if you are going to the market, you should bargain the price to prevent being overcharged.

–  Avoid drinking tap water in Vietnam, as it is not that clean. You can buy bottle water instead. With only VND 5,000, you can get a 500 ml bottle of pure or mineral water.

– Last but not least, it is necessary to consider carefully when choosing Vietnam all-inclusive packages. There are a lot of travel agencies in Hanoi, but not all of them are reliable. Therefore, consider all the reviews and advices before booking tours with them.