Allies the Allies. It is significant because these countries

Allies ~ The Allies were made up of France, Britain, and Russia, Japan, and Italy, who fought the Central Powers during WWI. It is significant because the United States joined the Allies, and ended the war with the Treaty of Versailles.American Expeditionary Force ~ The American Expeditionary Force landed in France and fought under the control of General Pershing. It is significant because  women and blacks also served in the war under the command of white officers.Central Powers ~ In WWI, the central powers were those who fought opposing the Allies. It is significant because these countries consisted of Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, and Turkey.Dollar Diplomacy ~ President Taft’s policy was known as Dollar Diplomacy which addressed foreign issues. It is significant because they thought by extending American investment overseas it would benefit the US economy and influence stability abroad.General John J. Pershing ~ General Pershing was an American general who led troops against Pancho Villa. He is significant because he was apart of the longest battles and American Expeditionary Forces during WW1.Great Migration ~ The Great Migration was when African Americans didn’t like the treatment they received, which led them to move North. It was significant because the reasons they left was because of how they were being treated and i order to find freedom and job opportunitiesLeague of Nations ~ Wilson gave the idea of the League in his peace plan and envisioned it as an Assembly with seats for all nations. It is significant because the US voted not to join because it would have taken away its self-determination.Sacco and Vanzetti ~ Sacco and Vanzetti were two italian born american workers who were convicted and executed for armed robbery. It is significant because some believe they had did not commit the crime.Marcus Garvey ~ Marcus Garvey founded the Universal Negro Improvement Association and led the migration of African Americans to Africa. He is significant because he was convicted of fraud and was deported which led to the collapse of UNIA. Lusitania ~ Lusitania was a British passenger ship that was sunk by a German Boat in which 128 Americans died. It is significant because it led the U.S. to enter WWI against Germans.19th Amendment ~ A group of women known as Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton brought attention to women’s suffrage. It is significant because it gave women suffrage and the ability to vote. Pancho Villa ~ Pancho Villa was a Mexican revolutionary who killed many Americans in Mexico. He avoided Pershing and was never caught since Pershing had to go fight in WWI.Red Scare ~ The red scare was a fear of revolution which led people to act negatively to labor strikes and race riots. It is significant because the government began palmer raids to find Communists. Roosevelt Corollary ~ The Roosevelt Corollary was an extension of the Monroe Doctrine. It is significant because it protected economic interests in South and Central America with military force.Senator Henry Cabot Lodge ~ Senator Henry Cabot Lodge was a republic progressive who wanted amendments to ensure that the treaty wouldn’t violate the constitution authority to have war. It was significant because they worried that it wouldn’t allow the U.S to follow a foreign policy.14 Points ~ The 14 Points was used for peaceful negotiations in order to end WWI. It is significant because they believed it would promote lasting peace and called for self-determination, freedom at seas, and free trade. Treaty of Versailles ~ Treaty of Versailles was a treaty that ended WWI. It is significant because it made Germany accept responsibility for causing the war and and pay reparations.Trench Warfare ~ Trench Warfare was a fighting style with mines and barbed wire. It is significant because they had horrible living conditions with no gains and was used in WWI on the western front.United Negro Improvement Association ~ A group founded by Marcus Garvey where he insisted that his supporters return to Africa and begin a new life in society. It is significant because the union wanted African Americans to receive jobs and earn money.Zimmerman Telegram ~ Arthur Zimmerman was a german foreign secretary who wrote a telegram that secretly proposed a German-Mexican alliance. It is significant because they tried feeding Mexico with ideas of getting land back yet the telegram was captured by the US which led them into WWI.