Although and artists, such as Richard Rogers and Rem

Although Cedrick Price built very little, his imaginative
approach to architecture and urban interferences, has certified that his work
and ideas has a lasting influence and remains an inspiration to other contemporary
architects and artists, such as Richard Rogers and Rem Koolhaas and Rachel
Whitbread. During the course of his life and career, he remained dedicated to
architecture as a tool of social improvement. The project is momentous for its fundamental
interpretation of leisure and learning as connected concepts, alternatively on
just focusing on one or the other as most of its contemporaries (which were
usually conventional buildings such as sports halls). Cedrick Prices idea of
large open spaces and movable elements is hard to live on today. Many
architects are influenced in some percentage by his work and his ideas, but due
to the ‘insanity’ of the 21rst century it is hard to keep up with, meaning that
other factors take place in the design of a building such as the
securitization. Securitization is a very important aspect of our daily lives
and has its place in most public places, such as Centre Pompidou. Furthermore,
in Centre Pompidou even though it accommodates large interior spaces and
celebrates the aspect of continuity and flow, many spaces are securitized and
not available to the whole public, thus it creates ‘semi-continuity’ and not a
constant flux. Moreover, Stansted airport follows the same typology and it is
visible that the image of the Fun Palace has carried through the airport in
some percentage, but due to its’ highly regulated space and securitized
facilities it is unclear the connection between Price and Foster. In addition
to all the above, I believe that architects and designers can be still
influenced in the 21rst century by Cedrick Price’s idea of flow, flux and form
the same typologies but in a more restrained way, due to the securitization of
public and non-public spaces.

fun palace has a programmatic function responding to the contemporary times. It
was realized to some degree in the Centre Pompidou (although the securitization
of that building has destroyed Cedrick Price’s idea of continuity). Nowadays,
securitization in public spaces has taken its course on architecture.  Buildings need to be planned and designed in
a state of mind where it is flexible, whilst also considering the mix between
the sun and shade, food, water, and a good view of the passing scene are
essentials. A building or a space provides a range of things to do (“uses and
activities”), is easy to get to and connected to the surrounding community
(“access”), is safe, clean, and attractive (“comfort and image”), and, perhaps,
most important, is a place to meet other people (“sociability”). As a result of
all the above, securitization is a mandatory aspect of most buildings that
provide open public spaces. Due to all the restrictions to keep safe public
spaces, unfortunately, you encounter the loss of the aesthetics in a building.

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