Among he’d once ate, or maybe the little shih

Among watchdogs in Boston, Rex was known as one of the best around. Guarding the inside of Sal’s Pet Shop was a  Rottweiler (Black and brown) with big legs, muscular face, and weighing the same amount as some men. He was watching the pedestrians, thinking, with the  soothing bubbling of the fish-tanks, drooling over a super meal he’d once ate, or maybe the little shih tzu walked by a stay at home mom past the store everyday at 2:00 p.m.. However Rex took his work rather seriously. Furthermore, he always knew what he was doing, and why he was doing it which was more than can be said about most humans. Let’s talk about Mr. Sal a real pain. There has been times he treated the animals aggressively, or ridiculed them; he did not seem them as pets but rather green money signs. In spite of that there’s been, no vandalism, or thieves, that had ever brought trouble to Sal’s’ Pet Shop, and Rex, confident of his power but never abused it, faithful to his owner though he shouldn’t have been, was confident that no trouble ever would. When closing time came, Mr. Sal, who lived upstairs alone, a man like him deserved, always double checked the cages, left an unhealthy small portion food for ever animal, and a single treat for the watchdog. Rex always hoped for a quick back rub or for Sal throw a toy, or really any sign of acknowledgment to let him know he was appreciated, but such affection never came around. Mr. Sal had glasses with such thick lens and a strident voice, was hot-tempered, and a drunk. For the most part Sal just drank and watched whatever was on television, which Rex did not understand why he found it so interesting. There is times where the dog mistakes gunfire on screen for the real thing, because no one told Rex people shot other people violence for entertainment. So once, he barked, a bark so ear piercing enough for Sal to boot him outside. One night the store closed early which was not usual. However he was usually never wrong about this before. His food bowl was empty the next morning which never is. “Hey Rex. Do you know what is going on, Sal did not put out the food,” said Pygmy Marmoset, whose cage was near the backroom.Berkeley never really got along with pygmey, and he would usually ignore him. He was immoral, he is always doing the most to get a laugh, throwing feces, like a class clown. He would do anything to get a laugh out of the Frog, Parakeet,  Cat, and Lizard even though everytime it drove Mr. Sal crazy. “I’m not really sure,” said Rex. “He’ll be back soon or something I guess.” Rex said blankly. Pygmy looking like a inmate, put his hands on the cage bars “How much do you want to put on the table?” “Pygmy, what are you even talking about?” “Wake up,” said Pygmy. “Sal has been sick, even the old Siamese who’s half blind could see it.” He put his hands around his neck and rolled his eyes back falling on the cage floor. Not even thinking twice about his dumb joke, Rex gave Pygmy a formidable glare, then sat in front of the glass door to wait until Sals car pulled up. Hondas, Acuras, BMW’s, Toyotas, every kind of car passed by besides Sal’s. He waited all day until that night and the owner did not show up. The next morning came, the following night passed, and on the second night it was not only Pygmy animals, bird, fish, and reptiles in the Pet Shop.”Guys you have to give it time!” he said. “Believe me, he’s coming back he always does!” “Come on man,” said one of three spiders in the shop. “Pygmy says Sal’s dead. But what matters is what are we going to do now” His empty stomach growled like no other, Rex looked towards the front door hoping to see him. “Guys if we all can just waia —” “We’re hungry!” shouted the turtle. “We’ll starve before the old man comes back we don’t need him!” said the bearded dragon”Rex, listen I think it’s obvious, there is really only one thing we can do” “Let’s hear this one, what is it Pygmy.””Let gotta let us out,” said Pygmy. “Unlock the cages Rex.””No, obviously not.”Pygmy sighed “You’re the only one freely out of their cage and also in charge until Sal gets back, even if he does. Which means we gotta eat and you feed us, but you can’t do that. I am the only one here with hands but i’m in here. I can open all the food bags!”The watchdog swallowed. “You are right.””I can’t reach it. Dog, I’m asking you to be democratic! Keeping us in hear starving is fascist!”He didn’t like being called a fascist. It wasn’t cool Pygmy was doing the most to make him look bad in front of the others. Going against his instinct, Rex rose on his two legs and forced opened the cage with his teeth.Pygmy stepped out, Rex watched as all the pets for the first time unite by slithering, hopping, crawling, flying, and Pygmy made his way to the storage room. Everyone came out except, old Tortoise, who refused to be released. He would never leave his tank from past experience, which he never talked about.Like Pygmy had said, he tore open all the boxes of food. “The fish have to eat, too! They can’t leave the tanks remember, they can’t really breathe when not in the water!” said Tana the rabbit. Rex put the opened fish food in his mouth, and brought it the huge tanks and shook it in the tanks with the fish. Rex praying for this mess to go away he went back to the door waiting some more to see if Sal will be back. Before everyone knew it, Sal walked in formally dressed, wearing a hat, with a cane, walking in the store, sober. He walked in with an unknown smile for Rex. All the conflict in the room paused, no one dared move. Sal reached down and petted Rex’s head.”You did good.” Sal said coughing and laughing. It was all Berkeley ever secretly wanted. “Now we can begin,” or something prophetically appropriate like that, but suddenly he was awake, and Parakeet the noise of her feathers were in Rex’s ears. “Pygmy has it, he has the gun” said the Parakeet. The room was full of smoke from a fire in the storeroom. Rex has still so tired, he had completely forgotten about the gun. Sal bought it a few years back after he found out the old pet shop owners were hit with thieves. It was now in the hands of Pygmy. “Go get it Rex!” said Parakeet. “You promised to protect us, Rex. That is what you are for!” the odor of something itching his nose. He just wishes he can go back to dreaming about the poodle and getting love from Sal. Pygmy had all the power now, there is no hope unless he took it away somehow. Growling, trying to work up a bark to scare him, Berkeley slowly walked to the cash register where he was. His heart was racing and he was forcing himself to not let his tail behind his legs so he would not looked weak. He pictured the noise of the fake television gunfire as he used his full leg force and jumped. He fell on the floor, landing still. Blood came out, rushing out. Flames were now stronger, from the corner of his eye Rex could see the dark unplugged fish tanks and the fish floating upside down. The rodents running around with the snake perfectly hiding.. Beneath him, Berkeley heard the old Tortoise whisper. He knew only he could really survive the fire which was spreading quickly because of his shell. Rex’s eyes were burning from the fire which we could feel on his skin. “We could have made it all together, we each all had our own abilities — we’re all animals.It could of worked out” “You are right,” said Tortoise, his eyes shining so bright because of the fires gleaming reflection. “You are right”