An not ready for he then asked me “Are

ethical dilemma is a decision-making problem to moral things.  The issues arise out of a conflict between
what is right and wrong.  When we have a
conflict with our principles or values it has an impact on our decision-making
process when trying to resolve our dilemmas. 
If we find a conflict in our values or morals, then we need to stay with
our true self.  When we understand what,
a moral dilemma is then we can see that a conflict is when you must choose
between two or more actions that have moral reasons for taking each

moral-ethical dilemma that I encountered was during a new job
interview.  I was looking for a new job
with upward advancement.  During this
time, I was looking for a chance to use my experience to get a better paying job
doing what I love.  The issue I have
faced is that I have the experience most companies are looking for but lack the
Degree necessary to be paid what I am worth. 
The interview went as expected and I was given three questions at the
end.  The first was simple, it stated “Do
you think you could be an asset to the team” I knew the answer to that one
instantly.  Next was “What can I bring to
the team” The last question I was not ready for he then asked me “Are you
willing to take another person’s job if we do not feel she is right for it?”  That question makes me raise an eyebrow and
question what he meant by it. 

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The outcome of that dilemma was
that at first, I took the question in and talked it over with my husband.  He told me that maybe they were just testing
me and not really wanted me to deceive my new boss.  So, I took the job and just hoped that I
would not be put into a difficult situation. 
However, after my 30 days review, I was asked: “What is your take on yours
boss?”   I asked what exactly was I
looking for?  He told asked me “Can you
do her job?”  Inside I knew I could but
why was he asking me this?  I think this
was the dilemma getting real for me.  I
find asking this question ethically and morally wrong.  I was not going to report back about someone
and deceive them to take their job.  This
is not who I am and what I am about so I decided to do my job to the best of my
ability.   The main consequence was that
it only caused me to have issues with management because I wasn’t doing what
they wanted.  I became their target
instead and that made my daily job harder. 
So, solving this dilemma was not easy, fast or perfect but at the end of
the day, I kept my moral compass intact.   
The repercussions were that after 2 years of working there I choose to
find another job.  This was the best way
to keep my moral compass in check and stay on the right path.  In the future, I would be more careful about
what is asked and expected of me after accepting a new position.  What would you do differently if faced with
the same problem today? It is important to have ethics in business because
decision’s need to be made and if they are made with a person’s moral judgment
in a good way then the effects will be good for the company.  When an employee has an ethical behavior that
benefits the business will go a long way! 
In all situations, we should be concerned about our actions.  The way we act is contagious and can be a
great asset to whatever we do.  When you
do, what is right, the things we do stand out just like the good book everyone
wants to read.