Animal year, animals are beaten, neglected or forced to

Animal Cruelty. It’s a relevant and shameful controversy. Every year, animals are
beaten, neglected or forced to struggle for survival. Now, do we really require the ‘perfect’ pet? Do you not believe it’s brutal
and out of line to the welfare of the animal considering the negative impact it
has on their life expectancy? This nefarious act has to be banned. In
this talk, I will encompass 3 major areas, which have greatly impacted the
lives of animals and have circulated to become crucial controversies with as
regards to animal cruelty. These are animal testing, fur trade and pedigree
breeding. Animal Cruelty has to be banished in the depths of hell… Room 101.


Firstly, a leading crisis in today’s world is animal testing. The
harmful use of animals in experiments is not only cruel but also ineffective.
Animals do not contract many diseases that humans do, some of which include:
HIV, types of heart diseases etc. Effectively, you are throwing an animals life
away. It has been proven that 90% of drugs fail in humans despite showing
promising results on animals. It’s
bad science and a devious act.  Animal
testing is archaic. In the modern and forward-thinking world that we live
in today, scientists surely have developed humane ways to test products without murdering innocent souls.

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Believe it or not, each year, over 50 million animals are violently
murdered just for their fur. Animals living on fur farms are subjected to
appalling living conditions. Confined to tiny battery cages, furbearers suffer
for the entirety of their short lives. Animals on fur farms are deprived of all
that is natural for them. Devastating?
It gets worse. Fur-bearing animals are condemned to horrifying methods
of slaughter, most commonly, anal electrocution, neck breaking and gassing. This
is all because ‘the skinners
don’t want to ruin their precious pelt.’ Does that sound like a justified case?
Animals on fur farms are left completely unprotected from cruelty. There is nothing glamorous about the
suffering and killing of animals. Exempt from animal cruelty and banish
it now.


Pedigree breeding is a worldwide controversy, not discussed enough. The folly and
horrors of dog breeding are bonkers and no one takes notice of it! A show on
called ‘Crufts’ is known to be the world greatest dog show. The dog judged to
be best German shepherd was recently spotted by BBC and looked to be deformed,
with an oddly sloping back and weedy, wobbly legs. The public was shocked and
appalled when they came to know that this dog had contracted syringomyelia – “a
severe inherited progressive neurological disease,” due to the fact that this
dog had been pedigree bred. We as humans are not expected to be perfect. Right?
Then why are dogs selectively bred depending on looks and features? Why is it
that they have to suffer from diseases that have been inherited and inbred for
your trophy cup? Is your dog worth sacrificing for a trophy cup?


In conclusion, animal cruelty has to be thrown into room 101. I
hope this speech has enabled you to become a little more open-minded about
animals and their harsh lives. Next time you pick up a product, think, has an animal been harmed in
the process of this? There is a 75% guarantee that the answer will be yes.
We live in a civilized society and animal cruelty is incompatible with the
terms “humanity” and “moral”. Treating animals each of us should orient towards not only animal law,
but also our own moral norms. Animal protection should become a priority
for every self-respecting man and therefore, banish it in Room 101. Thank you.