Answer switch is a hardware device which able to

Answer 1)

A) Bridge

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            A bridge is a device which connect two different
networks. A bridge can connect 2 physical networks and different topologies,
and able to transfer data from one network segment to another different segment.
A bridge is known as layer 2 device (data link layer). It’s also distribute traffic
based on MAC address lookup table, also known where to send traffic to the
particular network.

There three basic type of
bridges;       Local bridge



Example of bridges – WAP (wireless
access point)


B) Router

            A router is an electronic device which connect two or
more same networks. A router can connect networks with same protocols, and
determine the best route the data to the destination networks. A router is
known as layer 3 device (Network layer). The data from one IP network is routed
to another IP network. Router routes data traffic between networks.   


C) Switches

            A switch is a hardware device which able to send data to
the intended recipient and not to transmit to the rest of the devices connected
to it in the network. A switch can join multiple computers together within one
local area network. It’s also known as layer 2 device (data link layer), today’s
standard in networking in feature. A switch has a lookup table of port IDs and
their associated MAC address, by using lookup table, it can forward data sent
from source device to the destination device. Also known as multi-port bridge,
much more efficient and faster than HUB. Switch has higher bandwidth and 2 or
more devices can send data at the same time without any data collisions.


D) Network Interface Card

            A network interface card (NIC) is used to connect a PC to
a network. NICs are also known as network adapter. There are wireless networks
adapters, NICs for WAN, Token ring, Ethernet, mostly common used in cost computer,
server work stations, switches and routers. NICs provide a physical connection
between the network and the computer internal card. Nowadays most computer have
NICs intergraded into motherboard.


E) Hub

            A hub is device which connect multiple computers or
networks to form a single network. Data traffic going in one port is replicated
to every others ports in the hub. Hub is also known as layer 1 device (physical
layer). In a hub, all the computers can communicate directly with each other,
at least 2 devices connected to the hub were to send data at the same time,
there are collisions of data occurs. Hub is also known as multi-port repeater.


Multiple bridge

Multiple repeater








of ports

( eg.24,48 )
than 2