Any they get to know about the critical elements

         Any existing design/pattern requires a
mandatory update after a respective period to stay up-to-date. In the same way,
the development and updating of the current education are necessary to do. This
will lead to proper passing of education to the generation and will also
improve the grade of education given to the students. Regarding aesthetics,
Spirituality symbolic of other Social values that people may link with, as well
as language, Music, dance, rituals, traditions, Etc (Eunitah 26). These types
of educational Trips are very beneficial to all students. Therefore, they get
to know about the critical elements of their culture. Each group of individuals
tries to pass their specialties and culture to their people to come, and this
has been going on for a long time. The instruction arrangements in schools are
not supporting the investigation as a strategy for passing it to ages. Here the
matter of conflict is the Shona culture is being instructed in auxiliary
training in Zimbabwe to enhance teach and morals of each person. The People who
are as yet living in the immature territory and are uneducated are the ones who
require the training the most. The examination found That not all understudies
were Getting profits by those Educational excursions, as just a Small number of
understudies could raise found For the treks, which implies That there were not
very many Students who were getting Benefits from these Educational trips. Also,
few teachers of some schools were not as responsive as they should be. So to
improve all these problems, culture education was arranged at the regular
interval of time. There is a gap between the idea of rural students And urban
students, so the arrangement was Made were these students Can meet each other
and Can share their ideas And innovation. Author Gelfand mention in book “Shona
who are recent arrivals in the urban areas and who on the whole have had little
or only a few years of schooling are more attached to their traditional culture
and religion”(Gelfand 152).

       Teacher in the secondary school doesn’t
value knowledgeable education into the study; however, there is so much talent,
but it is not passing to generations. The brilliant Shona mathematics should be
introduced into the Secondary Schooling System, as the Shona tribe is rich in
the area of mathematical knowledge. This is the knowledge fulfills their daily
needs like shelter foods, weather condition, medicines and mixing ratios,
preserving of their culture, etc (Chirume 41). They have the most grounded,
least expensive, ideal, easy to understand mathematical advancements, which
prompt survival and childhood of their family (Chirume
41). The Shona culture has a lot of idea in their inventory, which is
very beneficial for the future. Hence it will help in shaping their future as
well as their Nationality.

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