Arcada 3D printing is pretty much new in Nepal,

Arcada University of applied sciences

of energy and material technology

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Sharma     | Material processing
technology | 20.01.2018

to: Mirja Andersson

and acknowledgement

For period of 3.5 months starting from
October 2017 to the midweek of January 2018, I did my practical training at
lifetime engineering solutions, A startup company in the blooming filed of 3D
printing and design. Lifetime engineering solution mainly work on the area of
mechanical engineering and structural design. The concept of 3D printing is
pretty much new in Nepal, but I find that people are paying attention and very
curious. The internship is the part of degree program which I conduct in Arcada
UAS, Helsinki Finland.


I worked on an assignment to design
humanitarian aid items with help of design software’s. The main concept of the
project is to design and develop humanitarian item and to test them. The
project suits me perfectly as my specialization is on material and design. Furthermore,
it also taught me very new interesting areas of design and forced me to think
very deeply that how we can use the technology to uplift the world. I did not
only gain the ideas in this field but also got chance to sharpen my skills in a
working environment.


In addition, I got chance to work in
different environment and to meet people from various fields like: Medical,
business and public health. This kind of environment helped me to improve my
communication skills as well. I got chance to give presentation, discussion with
experts and other staffs from different field.


I am thankful to my supervisor Mr. Ramchandra
thapa and managing director of company Mr. Roshan Bhattarai. Mr. thapa gave me
very helpful suggestions regarding the idea of project and helped me a lot to
settle down. I am indebted toward managing director of company Mr. Bhattarai
toward his helpful behavior for starter like me.






1.   Introduction: 1
1.1    Purpose of this report: 1
1.2    Motivation: 1
1.3    Given task: 1
1.4    Research objectives: 1
2.   Method used: 2
2.1 Technical aspects: 2
2. 2 Social aspects: 2
2.3 About design and final product: 3
3.   Results and discussion: 3




















of this report:

The main purpose of this report is to provide
my academic principal Mirja Anderson with detailed documentation of the work
done during my 15 weeks period of practical training abroad.



I was highly motivated to do my practical
training in lifetime engineering solution because the fact that it is the start
up company. I got in touch with these people through social media and heard a
lot about them frequently in newspapers. They are the one who bring the 3D
printing in Nepali market and which highly encourage me to give a try for the
post of design trainee.



My main duties were to work closely with
senior design engineer. I was responsible for the mechanical design and
material selection and product development process. In addition, my duties were
not just limited to design or product development but also in business related
areas as well. I also worked for couple of weeks as customer service



The main objectives of this project are to
use plastic in a humanitarian cause. The goal is to minimize the risk in
medical field by providing 3D printed humanitarian aids in rural areas. Main
objectives can be divided into following smaller objectives:


To recycle the used plastic and re use it.

To design and develop product which can be helpful in the medical

To help the rural areas people where there is a shortage of medical



2.1 Technical aspects:

   For the technical aspects the Solidworks
software is used to design and            simulation of the final product.
Some prefer to use CREO software as well, but the product is same, and the
results are same as well.











Figure 1:
Final product



2. 2 Social aspects:

After final product get ready, we made a
group of 5 people each who went out for a survey in various rural areas of
Nepal. In collaboration with local municipalities and local officers we find
out there is shortage of various things in local hospitals and clinics.


2.3 About design and
final product:

The all products shown in above pictures are
3D printed. There are few which I had experienced during the product
development process.

Ø The design looks professional and finished.

Ø There were couple of failures before getting
the outcome.

Ø It takes time to print in huge amount.


and discussion:

the whole period of my practical training I got to learn many things, starting
from design to social work. The project on which I was working was very
interesting and helpful for me to grow as an engineer.  To design the products which will be helpful
for other people gave me different level of excitement and joy.