Are don’t know where id be today, Sophie has

Are we really sisters? You would think coming from the same
parents and living together that we’d be exactly alike, but that isn’t the case
with my sister and I. My older sister Sophie and I are different in many ways
but at the same time very similar. It’s crazy to think we have the same blood
but we are so different. As crazy as it is, she’s not only my sister, she’s my
best friend. Life wouldn’t be the same without her in any way. She’s my other
half and she protects me, and I protect her.

When my sister and I were younger I didn’t think we would be
as close as we are today. As my sister and I both grow up we get closer every
day. When Sophie and I were little kids, we would never talk to each other. We only
talked to each other if we had to. We never hung out and we were both very mean
to each other and we would fight almost every day. As Sophie and I got older our
friend groups became the same and we all got along with each other and hangout together
every weekend. Sophie and I started to get close when I was in 8th
grade, we would do everything together. In 7th grade, I met my best
friends Emma, Tino and Sierra. Today they are still all my best friends and I can
talk to them about everything. If you were to see me and Sophie together you
would know we are best friends because we are always laughing and making jokes
and we make fun of each other (but we are joking). When Sophie first brought
her friends around me and my friends we automatically clicked. We are always laughing
and we all stand up for each other no matter what because that’s what best
friends do. I am so glad that we all became close because I love always
laughing and always being in a good mood.

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I don’t know where id be today, Sophie has taught me so many
things and her friend gabby has taught me many things too. I treat my friends
like they’re my siblings. I am so blessed to have such amazing people in my life
and I don’t know what id be doing right now if I never met my friends, or of my
sister and I never became close. I am glad I have a amazing relationship with
my sister because you don’t usually see people hanging out with their sister as
best friend. My sister is my role model. She goes to college and has a job and
has amazing grades. I don’t think anyone can understand just how great my
relationship with my sister is and sometimes I don’t even think she does. We aren’t
lovey, touchy like some siblings either. We give each other space but at the
same time stick to each other like glue. A sister can be your best friend but
will always be more than simply a best friend. Sophie will always be there for me,
in good times and bad. She truly knows me and understands me like no one else
ever will. Sisterhood is the ultimate friendship that lasts a lifetime and im
glad I can say my sister and  I have such
a good relationship.