Are due to systems or routines that are formed

Are unintentional actions or
decisions that can occurs even to the most experienced and fully qualified

Errors will solely be
related to actions with a transparent intention to realize a particular
supposed outcome. Therefore, uncontrolled movements, e.g. reflexes, aren’t
thought of errors. The error itself by definition isn’t intentional, however
the first planned action must be intentional. moreover, it’s assumed within the
on top of definition that the end result isn’t determined by factors outside
the management of the actor

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·      What is an active error?

Active errors occur at the
point of contact between a human and some aspect of a larger system (e.g., a
human-machine interface).


·      What is a latent error?

A latent human error is a
human error which is likely to be made due to systems or routines that are
formed in such a way that humans are disposed to making these errors. Latent
human error is a term used in safety work and accident prevention, especially
in aviation.