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Are you planning to have a cosmetic procedure? If you have opened this article then maybe you are considering having one. Wait! Have you gathered all the information you will need? We bet you must have asked yourself several times that how I find the best plastic surgeon in town. When it comes to your body, you wouldn’t want anything short of optimal care, protection and results. When it comes to enhancing your appearance, finding a good plastic surgeon becomes more challenging. Because you just can’t hand over yourself to anyone. Here are a few questions you should ask your surgeon before finalizing any procedure with them.

What are their credentials?

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It is very important to know that where did your plastic surgeon graduated from. The ranking and quality of the education matters. His institute is the assurance that he is qualified to do what he is doing. Look out for plastic surgeons who have gotten their degrees from institutes you have not heard of.

How long have they been performing surgery?

Practice makes a man perfect. The saying has its weight. It is very much possible for a new plastic surgeon to give better results than the old one but it would be get to at least have your cosmetic procedure supervised by an experienced plastic surgeon. It is also a good practice to confirm from the clinic that at least one experience plastic surgeon will be involved in the procedure.

Which medical board are they certified form? /What board are they licensed form?

Surgery and especially plastic surgery is a practical field. It is not enough to see where your plastic surgeon got their degree. You need to make sure that they are certified from the national or international board of plastic surgeons for example, USA, Canada or Australia. Being a certified plastic surgeon guarantees that your surgeon has the license to practice.

What is their standard procedure in case of complication?

This is very important question to ask from your plastic surgeon. Ask the clinic about handling surgical complications. Read the consent from carefully. We hope that everything goes smoothly but it is your right to know that what if something goes wrong. Who would be responsible? Would they charge you extra for handling complication? What extra care will they provide? What is their standard procedure for handling any complication?

Are they willing to share the before and after photos of the procedure?

Any plastic surgeon worth your money will be more than happy to boast off his results. He/she will be more than happy to share photographic evidence and success story from the past patients. See the evidence. See if the evidence satisfied you and makes you feel sure of your plastic surgeon’s expertise.

Do they inform of you the risks involved in the surgery?

Any professional plastic surgeon will not hide any complication that may occur during the surgery. If they are not being honest with you, you need to find another one. They say honesty is the best policy and when it comes to your body it deserves nothing less.

Ask other people, what do they say?

Collect customer feedback, Ask the clinic to give you contact of past patients. Ask around in your friends and family. Explore the internet. Get a feel of what people think of the facility and the plastic surgeon. If you find too much bad things to hear then may be it is a red flag.

Do they have experience in the procedure you want? / Does their esthetic sense appeals to you?

A plastic surgeon who has performed very good nose reshaping might not have performed that many breast augmentation. A plastic surgeon who has performed many breast augmentation many not appeal to you because you expect results different from their work. It is important to find out that whether your plastic surgeon has done procedure you are looking for. Do their results match what you are expecting if you decide to have that procedure?

Do you find their facility hygienic and state of the art?

Let’s be honest, surgery is tough on our body and slightest of infection can cause big complication in post operation recovery. You need to make sure that the facility is hygienic and uses start of the equipment in performing surgery. You just can’t compromise on hygiene when it comes to your body.

Internet is your friend. Search everything. Explore your options. Make an informed decision. Search and compare plastic surgeons.  Ask us question. We are more than happy to answer. Visit our website. Contact Us. Schedule a consultation. Remember making an informed decision can save you from million of complications.