Are the child’s problem. However, before a child enters

Are you thinking about a student like who
doesn’t belong in your college class? Those who could not read fluently and has
difficulty pronouncing words? Maybe, those students are suffering from dyslexia.
International Dyslexia Association defined it as a language-based learning
disability wherein individuals having it experiences difficulties with other language skills such as spelling, writing, and
pronouncing words. Based on the Mayo Clinic, Symptoms of dyslexia is not
easy to be seen before a child starts schooling. Most of the time, teachers are
the ones who firstly notice the child’s problem. However, before a child enters
school, several symptoms could already be seen to them such as late talking,
learning new words slowly and problems forming words correctly, such as
reversing sounds in or words. Furthermore, a child has also problems
remembering or naming letters, numbers and colors and they also has difficulty
learning nursery rhymes or even playing rhyming games. When the child already
turned into the school age, symptoms of it became more evident. It includes
reading below the expected level for age, difficulty processing and
understanding what he or she hears and they are also struggling in identifying
the similarities and differences in letters and words. Moreover, they spend
huge amount of time in finishing a task which involves reading or writing. According
to Nordqvist (2017), Dyslexia could run in families. However, it could also be
acquired dyslexia wherein people obtained this condition after they are born
due to brain injury, stroke or other type of trauma. It is a lifelong
disability and there is no known way to 
correct the underlying ability however, with an early detection and
evaluation, appropriate treatment could be given to improve success. It
includes educational techniques which will enable the child to give a suitable
teaching program. Moreover, early treatment is also helpful in improving the
child’s reading skills which involves an extra assistance for kindergarten or
first grade child. Parents could also have a contribution in treating a child
wherein they must address the problem early to have an immediate intervention.
Encourage a reading time and set an example for reading could be a great help.