As a cyclic process involving principals, teachers, students, messengers

As stated by (Durosaro,
2007), records are important tools for effective planning and administration of
a school. School records occupy strategic positions in the effective and
efficient organization and administration of the school. This is because they
document the planning and implementation of an appropriate course of actions
allowing proper monitoring of activities or tasks. Records are important
because they serve as major information tools that sustain the school and aid
in achieving educational goals and objectives. In this sense, records restore
teaching competence and maintain the trend in the history of teaching and
learning processes.

Managing school records given by (Fasasi
in Osakwe, 2011) is meant to enhance the performance of school administrators.
An adequate records management programmed co-ordinate and protects an
institutions records, sharpens the effectiveness of records as management
memory, and helps to simplify intra-organizational and communication problems.
The management of records in schools, like in any other organization, is a
cyclic process involving principals, teachers, students, messengers and cleaners.
Most records are handled by school heads and are kept manually, hence the
processing, retrieval, and utilization of records is not always easy.

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Records management is an established theory and methodology for ensuring the
systematic management of all records and the information they contain throughout
their life-cycle. According by (International Standard ISO 15489, 2001) records
management is defined as the field of management responsible for the efficient
and systematic control of the creation, receipt, maintenance, use and
disposition of records, including the processes for capturing and maintaining
evidence of and information about business activities and transactions in the
form of records.

Especially, record, as defined by the (American Heritage
Dictionary, 1980) and cited by (Onifade, 2004), are information or data on a
particular subject collected and preserved. This definition implies that any
processed or unprocessed datum that is collected and kept for future use
constitutes a “record”. In other words, a record is defined as a documented
proof of a transaction. School records such as books, documents, diskettes, and
files in which are embodied information on what goes in school like social,
academic and non-academic activities, important events, and so on. The school
plant as well as other relevant information focusing on the growth and
development of the school (Olagboye, 2004).

a manual record management is one that does not base on a technology of
computer system. Consequently, the crucial information that recorded and kept
in paper-based is not safe and not secured properly as well as, a manual record
management lead the record information at risk.

the above-related literature, the researcher has been motivated and inspired to
design and developed a web-based system. Correspondingly, this web-based system
will be created to eliminate the paper-based environment in order to lessen the
task and save more time  for handling a
huge records manually, to sustain the lack of manual record management, to
solve the problem encountered when it comes to manage the huge data or
information of a university, to make sure that all crucial information or
records in a system is safe and secured properly with the help of local and online
backup, to organize and properly manage all the important records according to
the type of documents to be stored in the system, to minimize the storage of
school to keep the records, as well as, accurately, reliable and fast delivered
by a daily transaction of records  of
Urdaneta City University.