As gain prominence in the contemporary society. 4.5 Essential

As such,
there are more components to the aspect of digital marketing. Email marketing
is one such aspect. The basic concept of this approach involves straightaway
sending email messages to potential and existing customers. The emails are sent
either to solicit sales, sending advertisements and/or requesting business. The
objective of this approach is to build brand awareness and brand loyalty.
Digital marketing is the obvious choice for any business, big or small, to gain
prominence in the contemporary society.




Essential Aspects of Digital Marketing

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have come to that part of the year already! The bit where everyone is
evaluating what has happened over the last 1 year and is making predictions for
the coming year. Well we are; and with that in mind let’s look at some of the
things that we are going to be looking for in the coming year.



In the last 1 year; people were generally focused on
the following trends:



QR codes


Social media (finally) growing up


Mobile marketing being taken seriously


Email marketing


Reputation management (social media)


Content is king








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the man in the street, this meant a few great things in terms of his experience
with brands. It meant that consumers were being taken seriously. To some
extent, brands realized that their audience had a voice and they were not
afraid to use it. Social media became the voice of the consumer and companies
were forced to listen and react.


in general never really understood QR codes. I must admit while I think they
are pretty interesting and fun to play around with; the fact that QR readers
are not native to smart phones and tablets just makes them an absolute pain to


think we are rapidly moving past the stage where we can continually measure
online and offline effectiveness against each other. I see 2013 being the year
where marketing channels are all rated in terms of how effective they are at
creating, sustaining and converting in to sales. In 2013, the online/offline
battle ground will be won on this front.


marketing is going to get even more serious in 2013. There has been this
misunderstood void in the last few years that has been “mobile marketing” but
in 2013 everyone is going to be taking this front very seriously. With more and
more smartphones and tablets on the market than ever before; no one can forget
to place emphasis on their “mobile strategies”. This includes everything from
USSD, SMS, MMS and WAP to mobile internet and applications.


consumers can get ready to have their collective socks blown off. In 2013,
digital campaigns are going to be looking at touching you directly (hopefully
in a non-creepy way… unless you are into that!). This means that you will have
beautifully immersive experiences in a way that speaks to you, as you; and not
as part of a collective demographic.


will be touched through location–based
services reaching out to them through their mobile devices (smart phone or
tablet). These are just some of the major things I think will be emphasized in
2017 — over and above that,
tailoring your marketing to how, where and when your target audience wants to
interact with you is going to be pivotal. This goes beyond “just” content
marketing and being “mobile”. This is your entire marketing message and it
needs to speak to individuals and not to demographics anymore!











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4.6 Importance of social media compared
to other medium of brand communication and its benefits



great thing about social media is that you can do more with less. We have more
than 31 TV channels in the country now and the cost to air commercial is very
high. A fraction of the above the line budget can do wonders in the digital
world. Unlike with above the line media such as press and TV you don’t have to
spend a hefty amount, no need for any negotiation as well. When it comes too
social marketing, the company enjoys a lot more freedom compared to other
media. A decent amount on advertisement buying on Google ads along with an
active Facebook page with like campaigns and post promotion can go long way.



big benefit of social media is that you can target you communications towards
the desired people very easily. It’s pretty simple to find out the interest
areas of people on Facebook and a marketer just need to find out the interest
areas his target group acquires and target them for a given communication. For
example, iPay has an offer called “Be
Verified and Get Tk. 50”, if they want to promote this communication the
need to find out the people who usually needs to use this digital wallet that
enables him to conduct cashless transaction would be interested in this
particular offer. In this case finding people who like free recharge, likes in
digital payment and more importantly who are youths would be a good way to find
effective audience. So, we can see that it give plenty of options to fine tune
the target group.