As skills level 2 English and Maths. I didn’t

As a child, I always knew I wanted to do something
creative but I couldn’t pin point in what sense. I’ve always loved scribbling
ideas down, cutting and sticking, getting creative, it’s a bit like falling
into a Tardis, losing track of life and time. Being involved in youth theatre
groups helped to encourage my creative feelings to grow and flourish. I thoroughly
enjoyed my career as a lighting designer but in 2013 ill health struck me down
in the form of Chronic Migraine. I had to stop working and completely adapt my
way of living. Roughly 7 months ago I found a regime which offers me enough
relief to live a relatively normal life with marginal pain and nausea levels so
I’m now more determined than ever to try to get back into the flow of life. During
my time of illness, I spent 95% of my time on drawing or ceramics. I couldn’t
tolerate screens at the time. Drawing and creating was such a release from the
pain and misery of everyday life, to really let go and feel myself flow with
the materials with zero expectations of how things ‘should’ look or be.


Having such a disabling condition, which has been such
a heavy burden, has given me strength and made me aware of just how precious
life is. It enabled me to view life and the world around me from a whole new,
more mature perspective and realise just how important it is that I follow my
passion. Designing and being creative is such a huge part of my life that it
seems only natural for me to take this next step, it’s so much more than just a
hobby it’s a way of life. I love the Japanese art of Kintsugi, it makes me
think of life and realise we’re not so different from those smashed clay pots that
are put back together with a beautiful mix of lacquer and gold. “In order to
gain strength, we must first be broken”

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In September I took the decision to study functional
skills level 2 English and Maths. I didn’t get the chance to take GCSE’s in
school due to a severe case of Labyrinthitis. In my spare time I enjoy drawing,
mainly still life, ceramics and visits to museums, exhibitions and art


I believe my time as a lighting technician and 3 years
studying Art and Design BTEC, taught me valuable skills including the values of
working as part of a team, meeting tight deadlines, being proactive and using
one’s own initiative. I’ve both learnt and explored my strengths in a variety
of styles and techniques including digital imagery, photography, sculpture,
painting, drawing and printmaking. Printmaking is a favourite of mine, I find
the practical process of it thoroughly enjoying especially with etching.
Furthermore, I’ve learnt how to utilise Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to help
enhance my work digitally. Additionally, I like to feel the raw elements of my
materials, often combining stitch work together with prints on roughly torn
paper. Deconstructing and reconstructing my work. My most influential artists
are Andrea Turvey, who creates fantastic contemporary illustrations using mixed
media. Georgina Luck whose ink and watercolour illustrations are unique,
abstract and organic. David Downton whose loose style seems so effortless but
yet emits such elegance and beauty.


I would really hope to be considered for this course
because I enjoy the challenge which design presents. To be able to have the
opportunity to learn how to effectively respond to briefs rather than
self-initiation. To be surrounded by creative individuals that are oozing with
imaginative, enthusiastic and innovative ideas that I can bounce off and learn
from. To be able to fully understand the process behind confidently telling a
narrative through a set of images. Ultimately my goal would be to develop a
greater understanding of art and broaden my skills further.