Ashley of experiments that were done: Seawater was used

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The Jews are being experimented on to “help” the Germans. The Germans
are tying to find cures for virus, dieses, warfare techniques doctors and nurse
can use during wars. Their goal was to find out how to help the people that are
“regular” and are dying from these diseases and other type of deathly things.
To help find cures the Germans used Jews for their experiments. They did this
also because they felt that the Jews, and the disabled where different and there
was no reason for them to be alive.

There were many types of experiments the Jews where forced into. Most
dies during these experiments and if they did survive must were executed and
had and autopsy done to see the effects of the experiments.  Here are the types of experiments that were

Seawater was used to test the effects it would have on the human body
and if you could drank this water and survive. A group of people only drank
seawater for two months maybe even three to see if they could still function
properly. Many suffered cases of dehydration. Some of these people would lick
the floor after it had been mopped to get fresh water.

Experiments on the Jews of there bone, muscle and nerves to do
transplants to see if they would regenerate on there own. When people went
through these major surgeries they weren’t under any anesthesia. Most Jews
ended up suffering from mutations, lots of pain, and even some permantly

German soldier pilots need a way to figure out if in case of
emergencies could they eject from the aircraft. They tested this by using the
Jews and put them in low-pressured chambers to represent how it would be like
high places with higher altitudes. Also the temperate was changed to simulate
the airs temperature. Many died and the people that did survive there brains
would b experimented on so even if they did survive the first experiment the
where executed for an autopsy.

Germans goal was to find a cure for malaria. They did this by
injecting healthy inmates with the glands of female mosquitoes; once the inmate
had malaria they were given antibodies, drugs, to test their effects. In one of
the camps 10000 Jews were given this injection and only have survive the other
half died.

Many Nazi doctors helped the Germanic race increase and with that many
doctors involuntary sterilization of t anyone that suffered genetic
disabilities, also physical deformities. This also happen in concentration
camps. People were asked to come in a room and sign papers but during the time
they where in the room they were administered with radiation treatments and the
people with this radiation were unaware what they were sterile. (Storypick-Nazi-human-experiments)

         During the war German soldiers were
suffering from gas gangrene so doctors in Ravensbruck concentration camp wanted
to test the effects of sulfanilamide and other drugs in infections. They tested
this by making battle like injuries and infecting the wound with different
types of bacteria, gasses. After the infection had taken place they would then
put grounded glass or wood in the found and tie off the blood vessels on the
side of the injury like they would in war. Most people died from infection and
many suffered a massive amount of pain.

         Buchenard concentration camps injected Russian
prisoners with phenol and cyanide. The goal as to test different types of poisons
on the human body. These poisons were either in there food or people were shoot
with poison bullets. If the victim didn’t dies during the experiment they were
killed to be able to perform autotypy.

         To test if people had immunities and
create vaccines against Tuberculosis they injected alive tubercle bacilli into
the lungs prisoners of Neuengamme concentration camps. About 200 adults died,
and 20 Heissmeyer children tried hiding evidence from allied forces.

         To try and find an antidote to phosgene
which was used in world war one. This gas causes irritation to the lungs many
people. During these they used malnourished, and already weak people to try and
make it all right. Many suffered pulmonary edema leading to four deaths.

         Doctor August Hirt wanted to collect Jewish
skulls and skeletons to dedicate a museum to the extinct race. In 1943, 115
people were gassed at the Natzweiller-Struhof Concentration Camp. The lifeless
bodies were transported to university were he worked, other were tortured,
starved, murder, other cruel things.
         The death total was all in the
name of science research. All the people who had died were all forced and they
all suffered some more than others .Not only physical but mentally it was very
hard for people to recover the people did survived the concentration camps and
all the experiments and having to even take care of the still arm bodies that
ere just gassed or burned to death or even shot. Some watching their friends,
family disappear one by one or all in one maybe in a gas chamber or all experiments.
There lives were taken from them. Some of these people even wished to die
instead of having to suffer for another day and fight for himself or herself
and to forget about everyone else. This was the most hermandous thing to happen
to people. We might have not known these people personally but you can wish
they could have had the strength and power to keep pushing forward.





















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