ASSIGNMENT Governance is to decision making and inform for









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BA 632
















I want to
explain regarding State of Minnesota IT Governance Framework .This is very
effective and impressive IT Governance Framework.


Governance is to decision making and inform for information technology
planning, operations  and policy  for 
business objectives. The information technology services for operational
expenses and  capital  in organizations, including the State of
Minnesota .Here planning is the most important for the Framework. If we start
anything First we have to check the decisions and planning. The very most
process of the governance framework is produce that business requirements
greatly go with planning decisions for the management and development of the
information technology resources. The Formation of the governance processes
also helps to produce that technology and business leaders which are in
agreement . This agreement on what is an exact level of the risk in the information
technology that powers day to day operations.

In the executive branch of the State of
Minnesota, which have the main reason 
that in  the May 2012 for a new
governance framework for  IT decision making.
The clarification of relationship between the centralized information
technology organization and its consumers. That serves as to the comprehensive
service agreement which represents the customers most active role in the IT priories
and also in delivery strategies.




The main
thing we have to discuss about the management of the IT Governance Framework


The Very important goal of governance is to
effective,faciliate agile and transparent decision making which also require
the timely communication and consistent. The stakeholders that may also impacted
by decisions which must have a way that to know what exact decisions are in
queue at any given point in the exact time and we have to understand the how to
give the exact feedback.

The opportunities for this process MN.IT
Executive Team member will also serve as chairs of governing bodies. These all
with an appointed agency for CIO as a Co Chair.

These all provides a the exact direct link
from governance decision as which are described in all this framework to the
State CIO. And to operational decisions which are taken at MN.IT Executive Team



Next the
important thing we have to discuss about the communication.


The communication of governance will
process and the outcomes will be shared. Not only with the IT community but
with all business leadership who are effected by the management of the state
information technology.

The regular governance communications is
regarding a key governance polices, activity and also decisions will be
published on the MN.IT public website. And which reported to the key
leaderships groups which are regularly meet for the information sharing
meetings, chief financial officers, deputies meetings.

For the more targeted agency based CIOs
will play an a primary role in keeping the agency management informed of IT
governance decisions that will affect IT services and aslo projects.




Information technology has been undergoing
the period of drastic change in the technology provides which are increasingly
becoming technology brokers. The result which we get the internal opertional
side of the information technology witch 
is rapidly getting the changes in roles and also functionality as
organization  turn to the cloud to eternalize
infrastructure operations, and focus on only one business application.

The Minnesota IT Governance Framework which
defines five governing bodies.

Enterprise Architecture Committee.

Information Security Risk Management committee.

IT Project portfolio Management Oversight committee.

Enterprise Project and portfolio Standards committee.

Geospatial Technology committee.



Minnesota law which gives the Chief
Geospatial Information officers authority to coordinate, identify and which
guide strategic investments in all geospatial information technology systems,
services and data.

The Minnesota IT Governance Framework which
has created a third group .The Geospatial Technology committee which is to be
the primary governing body is for decisions and also policies that also impact
the use of geospatial technology in the very 
executive branch.



The Geospatial inform driving it for action
chief officer is responsible for 
processess and activity.

The committee approves the final output,
and the most of the detailed work which will be the responsibility of MNGEO

In setting all the policies the Geospatial
Technology Committee has authority to establish policies and all standards. The
some standards which are affect the geospatial community but that fall under
the jurisdiction of other committees will also be referred to those committees
for consideration.

The Geospatial community has processes
which have developed over the time .

These all processes will be adapts to
reflect the new and for more comprehensive governance structure in the
Minnesota IT Governance Framework.

These are some very important that which
are seen in IT governance.