Automated how to provide it. Introduction to what ATMs

Automated teller machines, called AMTs, have been around for
almost 50 years and we can count millions of them being used 24 hours in day
per 7 days of a week. ATMs represent an unexposed box packed with cash money, that
criminals (hackers, fraud, robberies and security breaches) have been keen on for since at their first publish. But
attacks on these cash machines (today stealing personal data of costumers is
more attractive than stealing only money) have been increasing significantly.
How can they be stopped doing this? It is very difficult to give one single
simple answer but all we can say is: We should focus on their security tools.

Security in the ATM Network is very critical because they
are widely spread in financial network, network administration and other
different areas of financial which requires very sensitive handling
transmission of data. ATM Security is the field
of study that provides solutions at multiple points of protection against
physical and electronic theft from ATMs and at the same time protecting their
installations. Some types of attacks include physical attacks, skimming,
mitigation and ATM malware. From anti-skimming
defend to silent indicate systems, integrated ATM video surveillance cameras
and monitoring options, security specialists are ready to help the people get
more out of the ATM security and ATM loss prevention systems.

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This paper is an Analytical Research. In this paper
which is at least 5 pages, I have used facts or information already available
on internet, and analyzed them to make an analytic evaluation of the founded material.
I am using a deductive approach, which means that I am going to study the
theory of famous authors and the security analysis articles
or books that they have written. I have studied past records and other information
sources, to ?nd tout what ATM Security is and how to provide it.

Introduction to what ATMs
are used for.

An automated teller machine
(ATM) is an electronic banking device, which allows customers to
complete basic transactions without the support of a branch representative or
teller. This machine permit customers of financial institutions to perform financial transactions.