AvatarThe use avatars that look like Pandora’s inhabitants. The

AvatarThe film Avatar still is the most popular film, even though it was in the cinemas for the first time in 2009. With its amazing visual effects, it’s a technical breakthrough. Probably this epic American science fiction film is such a box-office because the famous producer James Cameron decided to combine real filmed scenes with computer animated ones, what creates a unique atmosphere. Besides that, the film has a great starring by Sam Worthington, Zoe Salanda and much more known actors. The film plays in the future, when there aren’t many raw materials on earth anymore. Therefore, a big concern decides to send a group of people, especially U. S. Armed Forces, to another planet called Pandora, where those materials still exist. As the humans can’t breathe on this planet because of its toxic atmosphere, they must use avatars that look like Pandora’s inhabitants. The inhabitants, Na’vi, are very close to nature and so they aren’t that happy when those strangers come with modern guns and big machines to their planet.One of the humans, Jake, has to cooperate with the Na’vi, and after some time he manage to win the confidence of the tribe leader’s daughter Neytiri. They spend a lot of time together and she teaches him their language and tradition. After a while he feels like a part of the tribe and falls in love with Neytiri. But the other humans only want to have the raw materials and the control over the planet. They get impatient and start a war against the Na’vi. Jake and a little group of his friends think that that isn’t right and so they help the inhabitants.Avatar is a masterpiece in many categories. It’s a gripping story with a lot of emotional scenes. The computer animated part looks very realistic and fits good together with the real one. Especially in 3D the effects are very cool. Moreover, the soundtrack is well selected and underlines the exciting moments quite good. The film is qualitatively on a very high level. It’s obvious that James Cameron’s Avatar must be one of the most expensive productions ever.The only thing to find fault with is the length. A film can be as good as possible but two hours and 40 minutes are way too long, even for a masterpiece.I would recommend this film to everyone. Even if you aren’t a big science fiction fan and don’t like unreal stories you should watch this one. The only thing to note is, that there are some violent scenes that might be shocking for kids. But all in all, it’s a fantastic movie that will never get boring.