Back This research was published in IJSRP. During my

Back in those days when I was four years, I saw my father as a ‘mystical performer’ and those thingsthat he created as insane virtuoso magic. At a later point in life, I realised that he is a Computer Engineerwho builds something out of nothing. He further nourished my curiosity and turned it into a passion. Istarted showing shades of brilliance as a child when I was awarded the Junior Diploma in ComputerScience at just 7 years of age. By the time I was 8 years old, I had already created my first computerapplication using Visual Basic; a feat that surprised as well as impressed both my teachers and peers.These incidents motivated me to pursue a formal education in Computer Science.During the tenure of my undergraduate studies, I gained expertise in subjects like Python, R, Statistics,Mathematics, Data Structure, Database Management System, Big Data Analytics and MachineLearning. During my UG program, I have regularly showcased a clinical prowess towards myacademics; acing most of my courses and having a standing CGPA of 8.7/10 overall. I was also awarded’Academic Excellence Award’ by Indus Foundation, US.My achievements also extend beyond my college’s curriculum, having coding as my passion, I haveparticipated in coding competitions on platforms like CodeChef, HackerEarth and Hackerrank, and havealso won in many coding events conducted in and around the college. Having completed specializedcourses in Data Science, Machine Learning, Business Intelligence, Web Development and Python inCoursera, I feel I am well equipped to take up Master’s at the your University.Furthermore, in attempts to broaden the exposure in my domain of interest and gain some on-fieldexperience, I carried out a research for predicting customer churn which was selected for final round of#UnitedByHCL Hackathon, Manchester. This research was published in IJSRP. During my researchinternship at NMAMIT, I worked on Crop Recommendation System where I analysed crop details fromvarious sources and used machine learning to provide the suitable crop that can be grown under thecurrent climatic condition. I presented this paper at APOGEE’17 – an International-level Tech Fest atBITS, Pilani and the prototype of my research was selected for the hackathon at TAPMI, Manipal. Iemerged as one of the top 10 contestants among 300 teams that took part in the hackathon. I also workedas an intern at IIT-Bombay on the project ‘Generic IoT Platform’ for two months and developed anopen source platform that connects all types of IoT devices for real-time data visualization. It furthergenerates a .CSV file of the collected sensor data which can be used by data scientists and machinelearning experts. While I was selected for student exchange program at Japan, I got insights of ArtificialIntelligence and that deepened my knowledge pool and made me a better professional.I also have some work experience under my belt. Due to my innovative thought-process and technicalskills, I managed to get elected as the Chairman of ACM Student Chapter, NMAMIT where I havecreated 8 chapter-level Special Interest Groups like SIGKDD, SIGAI, etc.I have been mentoring 21 SIG projects in fields such as Data Science, Machine Learning, MobileApplication Development, Web Development, IoT, etc. I have formally as well as informally extendeda helping hand to them by conducting workshops and tech talks; aiding them in their attempts toaccomplish the goals of their projects.Apart from my regular coursework, I have made conscious efforts to enhance my knowledge byworking on practical projects. One of them was the project on Data Analysis for Hypothesis Testing toprove that University Towns in the USA are affected by Recession. I was enthralled when my professorcommended me for my work. Currently, I am working on my final year project where I’m developingan open-source platform for swarm robotics, in which every individual robot uses swarm reinforcementlearning strategy to choose one of the objective positions and finds the optimal path.I aim to become an entrepreneur after completing my MS. I am currently the CEO and Founder of agovernment-funded start-up ‘AquaCare’ where the objective is to use Data Science & Visualization toadopt sustainable usage of water resources by estimating the water quantity available over the periodand predicting water scarcity in the upcoming future, but my thirst to succeed in this world doesn’t endhere. Unlike most, I do not see the field of data science from a business perspective but rather througha societal lens; I see it as an opportunity to solve real-life problems that our community is facing throughmy learnings and strategic analysis of daily data.I am very enthusiastic to pursue my Master’s degree from the University of Southern California becauseof leading-edge research and multiple hands-on opportunities on the projects. I am keen to amplify myknowledge on Data Science and Machine Learning. Furthermore, I’m eager to work as researchassistant under Dr. William Roy Swartout, who is sagacity in the field of Artificial Intelligence. I wantto work under him in SIGART and be a part of the research that has a huge social impact. I am veryexcited at the prospect of being a part of the program with its highly dynamic course that offers learning,both from faculty and peers.Given a chance to pursue Master’s at the University of Southern California, I vow to give a valianteffort and fill in as an asset to my companions while acquiring my instruction and later on. I hope theAdmissions Committee recognizes my passion to excel in both academic and professional undertakingsand issues an affirmative response. Looking forward to pursue Master’s at USC with financial aid sothat I can move towards accomplishing my goals.Thanking you for considering my application.