Basic (Norman) About Grace Hopper’s early life (1-17 years

facts about Grace Hopper. Grace Hopper’s full name and birth date/ place. Grace
Hopper’s full name is Grace Brewster Murray Hopper. Grace Hopper was born on
the 9th of December in 1906. Grace Hopper was born in New York City.
Grace Hopper’s parents and her siblings. Grace Hopper’s father was named Walter
Fletcher Murray. Grace Hopper’s mother was named Mary Campbell Horne Murray.
Grace Hopper had 3 siblings. Grace Hopper was the oldest of the 3 children. The
names and genders of Grace Hopper’s siblings could not be found. Those are
basic facts about Grace Hopper. (Norman)

About Grace Hopper’s early life (1-17 years old).
Education and place Grace Hopper grew up. Grace Hopper was not only born in New
York City she also grew up in New York City too. Grace Hopper had basic primary
education. Grace Hopper Applied to Vassar College in 1923. Grace Hopper failed
a Latin exam to get into Vassar College. Undaunted Grace Hopper became a
boarding student at Hartbridge School in New Jersey. Grace Hopper went to
Vassar College the next year. Special events and influences in her early
life.  The only thing special in her
childhood was that both of her father’s legs were amputated but it doesn’t say
when. Grace Hopper shared her love for math with her mother. Grace Hopper’s
father inspired her to get a higher level of education. That was about Grace
Hopper’s early life. Norman, Rebecca. (Norman)

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about Grace Hopper’s early adult years (18-35 years old). Where Grace Hopper
lived and where she studied/went to college. Grace Hopper lived in New York. In
1928 Grace Hopper graduated from Vassar College with a bachelor’s degree in
mathematics and physics. In 1930 Grace Hopper received a master’s degree in
mathematics from Yale University. Where Grace Hopper worked. In 1930 Vassar
College hired Grace Hopper as a mathematics instructor. Grace Hopper earned
$800 a year with this job. At age 23 Grace Hopper married to Vincent Foster
Hopper. Grace Hopper had no children with Vincent foster Hopper. Grace Hopper
divorced with Vincent Hopper But it doesn’t say when they divorced. Grace
Hopper never remarried. In 1940 Grace Hopper tried to enlist into the navy. In
1934 Vassar College promoted Grace Hopper from an instructor to an associate
professor. Also, in 1934 she got a Ph.D. from Yale University. She earned it
with a thesis on “New Types of Irreducibility Criteria.” It doesn’t say
what her Ph.D. was in, it was more than likely in physics or mathematics. In
1936 Grace Hopper published a paper on “The ungenerated seven as an index
to Pythagorean number theory” in the American Mathematical.
The challenge Grace Hopper faced was she tried to enlist into the navy at age
34 and weighing 105 pounds, but she couldn’t get into the navy because she was
considered overage and underweight. Also Grace Hopper’s job as a mathematics
associate professor was declared important to the war effort. Navy officials
asked Grace Hopper to remain a civilian. These challenges did not stop Grace
Hopper. Grace Hopper obtained a waiver for the weight requirement to enlist,
special government permission, and a leave of absence from Vassar College to
get into the navy. On December in 1943, she was sworn into the United States
Naval Reserve. Grace Hopper went on to train at Midshipman’s School for Women
she graduated as the first in her class. The only thing Grace
Hopper has done with her field of study at this point is be an instructor and
an associate professor for mathematics. That is part of Grace Hopper’s early
adult years. Norman, Rebecca.

adult years of Grace Hopper’s life (36 years old-death). Notable events that
happened to Grace Hopper and what she did. Grace Hopper was the 3rd
programmer of the mark 1 computer. The mark 1 computer was used to calculate
aiming angles for navy guns in different weather conditions. Because the numbers for the mark 1 computer were so
relevant Grace Hopper and her assistants were often required to run and monitor
the mark 1 computer twenty-four hours a day. Grace Hopper also
put in codes for the mark 1, mark 2, and mark 3 computers. They spent countless hours transcribing and inputting
codes for the mark 1, 2, and 3. Grace Hopper Received the
naval ordnance development award in 1946 for her work on the mark series of
computers. Impact on Grace Hopper’s field of study and where she worked. Grace
Hopper helped program the world’s first large scale automatically sequenced
digital computer. Grace Hopper Developed the B-0 compiler, later though known
as the flowmatic. Grace Hopper worked in the United States navy. In 1983 Grace
Hopper was promoted to the rank of Commodore by the president. Two years later
in 1985 Grace Hopper was the first women two be elevated to the rank of rear
admiral. In 1986 after 43 years of service Grace Hopper retired ceremonially on
the deck of the U.S.S. Constitution. At eighty years of age Grace Hopper was
the oldest active duty officer at that time. Grace Hopper faced no challenges
at this time period of her life. Grace Hopper died in 1992. Grace Hopper was 86
years old when she died. Grace Hopper died of natural causes. Grace Hopper is
buried at Arlington National Cemetery. Norman, Rebecca.

what Grace Hopper does. Grace Hopper’s field of study is computer science. A computer
scientist works on different computers. Computer scientists not only work on
computers they also program and code all kinds of different computers too. Computer
scientists also, get computers to work right and function right. Computer
scientists also study the uses of computers and the principles of computers. You
can be a software
engineer, programmer, systems analyst, systems or network administrator, web
developer, and database administrator if you have a major in computer science
and many more. (What Computer Scientists Do Computer scientists also
just work on computers in general. The impact of computer scientists. Computer
programmers and coders program codes for all kinds of computers. The impact of
computer scientists are huge. The impact is so huge because we use computers
every day. Computer science has helped to improve communication. Computer
science has helped improve communication because of programs like Skype to help
you stay connected and able to communicate to your friends, co-workers, bosses,
and many other people too. Computer science has also, solved problems and
improved solutions. Computer science has helped solve problems and improve
solutions because of things like Uber and Airbnb and other apps. Furthermore,
computer science has helped to furthering education. Computer science has
helped education by having online classes for college and some other schools. Computer
science has also, helped protect people and organizations. Computer science has
helped protect people and organizations by programs like life lock and many
other safety programs. (Ruesink) Computers are a big part of our lives today.
All of the computers we have today people in the computer science field had to
program and code. That is what Grace Hopper’s field of study and how it impacts
us today.

what Grace Hopper does continued. How much Grace Hopper’s field of study pays.
The median salary for a computer scientist at base/ entry level is $65,877 a
year. The median salary for a computer scientist in the United States navy is
$91,034 a year. The median salary for an experienced computer scientist is
$100,613 a year. Education requirements and how big the need is for computer
scientists. You need a bachelor’s or doctoral degree in computer science.
Computer technology/ science is part of almost everything we see do or use
today to the cars we drive to the airplanes pilots fly. The need for people in
the computer science field is huge. The need is so crucial because computers
are part of our everyday life, from tiny computer chips to giant airplanes.
That is about Grace Hopper’s field of study computer science. (Computer
scientist salary)

Brewster Murray Hopper is an interesting person. Those were facts about Grace
Hopper. I think Grace Hopper’s field of study is an interesting one. Computer
science is an interesting Field of study to learn and work with. That was about
Grace Hopper’s life and field of study.



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