Baylee brand of liquid soap will make better and

Baylee Johnson & Rebecca CannonA31/10/18The science experiment we will be presenting is the Dry Ice Effect. When presenting this experiment we will be testing which brand of liquid soap will make better and longer lasting bubbles. In our experiment we will all need dry ice, three different brands of liquid soap, warm water           (enough to fill three bowls), three different bowls of the same size, protecting gloves, and a dish rag for any clean up. With this experiment we will pour equal amounts into each of the three bowls, then pour some liquid dish soap into the water and mix well. With well protecting gloves slow place the three equal amounts of dry ice into each of the bowls.             In this experiment people will learn the properties of dry ice and the effects it has upon things. Its properties can have an effect of making bubbles or fog. With placing the dry ice in the water with the liquid dish soap makes the dry ice form bubbles. The water and soap trap the carbon (dry ice) in little/big groups which makes the effect of making small/larger bubbles. When the smoke coming off of the bubbles is caused by the rapid warming of the dry ice placed in the warm water. All the fog in the bubbles when bursting is actually a cloud of tiny water droplets combined with the carbon released from the dry ice when placed in the warm water. The purpose of experiment is testing a process sublimation. Sublimation is the process of transformation of the solid phase directly to a gaseous phase without passing through the liquid phase.     Bubbles are made from air being wrapped with a thin layer of soap film. The soap film is a combination of soap and water mixed together. (with some other liquids) In the bubbles the soap and water make it easy for the bubbles to make any shape and form. The outer and inner part of the bubble is made with soap and water molecules. After those soap and water molecules evaporate the bubble will then pop. Now when using dry ice the bubbles will last longer because the molecules will take longer to separate from each other. The cold don’t benefit with just making the bubbles last longer, the bubbles can even fly higher than the ones in colder weather. The reason is because of colder air is lighter than then the warm air that we breath. (source: )