Beowulf with honor for helping out their country.”Self-sacrifice of

Beowulf Compare and Contrast Essay Not all heroes are your typical guys saving damsel in distress.  Heroes, such as, our parents, paramedics, firefighters, or military men and women are no different than the heroes of Beowulf’s time. He is a true hero by honoring his country and employing his power and strength to protect others, which is also seen in modern society. The aspect of the word hero has changed over time, however, both Beowulf and today’s modern heroes exhibit qualities of bravery, loyalty, and self-sacrifice.  “Bravery is the quality or state of having or showing mental or moral strength to face danger, fear, or difficulty” (Merriam Web Dictionary). Beowulf shows bravery because he faces danger of his and other countries. When he hears rumor about Grendel attacking King Hrothgar’s castle, Beowulf wants to do something about it. He says, “Now Grendel and I are called Together, and I’ve come. Grant me, then Lord and protector of this noble place, a single request!” (Raffel 21). With that request to the king, it shows that Beowulf is already prepared for what lies ahead. He continues to show bravery when defeating Grendel’s mother in her lair. Today’s modern heroes show bravery by fighting for their country, as well as allied countries just like Beowulf did. As well as being brave, both Beowulf and our modern heroes remain loyal to their country and leader.”Loyalty is the quality of being loyal with a strong feeling of support or allegiance” (Merriam Web). “And if death does take me, send the hammered mail of my armor to Higlac. Return the inheritance I had from Hrethel, and he from Wayland. Fate will unwind as it must!” (Raffel 21). If Beowulf dies, he wants the things he owns to be given back to his king, because that is who his loyalty lays. Our military heroes are similar in that way too. Whenever they die, they want their stuff to go back to their family in their homeland. That shows that they respect their leader, their people, and their country. Beowulf and our modern heroes are willing to self-sacrifice themselves and die with honor for helping out their country.”Self-sacrifice of oneself or one’s interest for others or for a cause or ideal” (Merriam Web). Toward the end of the epic poem, even though Beowulf has gotten older, he still tries to do whatever he can to help his defenseless subjects to fight a dragon. “That noble princess would end his days on earth, soon, would leave his brief life, but would take the dragon with him, tear it from the reaped up treasure it had guarded so long” (Raffel 97). Beowulf defeats the dragon but loses his life at the end. Beowulf dies in “peace” knowing that he is satisfied that helping others was a way of paying his people. Like previous battles, Beowulf is honors to fight for those who can’t defend for themselves. Thus, his reason is the same reason that our modern heroes, all sizes and shapes, have. Our heroes want us to be safe and be happy.Despite the time differences, both Beowulf and today’s modern heroes show similar qualities. The aspects of Beowulf honoring his country can be applied in modern society. These qualities allows these heroes to represent their country. Heroes today and Beowulf alike will stop at nothing to fight against anyone who dares to be against them.Works Cited “Bravery.” Webster Dictionaries, Dec. 2017. Web. 22 Dec. 2017″Loyalty.” Dictionaries,n.d. Web. 22 Dec. 2017Raffel, Burton, and Roberta Frank. Beowulf. Signet Classics, 2008.”Self sacrifice.” Def.1. Oxford Dictionaries, n.d.Web. 22 Dec. 2017