Best chick and young crowd of the city flocking

Best Nightclubs in India


India is a very big market for western music. The Nightclubs and in various cities in India cater to the need of the party animals. If you are in any metro cities like Banglore, Pun e, or Mumbai you will be wondered by seeing the chick and young crowd of the city flocking all the major Night clubs.

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Lap, New Delhi

Lap is Arjun Rampal’s Night Club planted itself in the Five Start Hotel Samrat. It typically serves to Delhi’s premium crowd. On the gold theme base club and luxurious ambience. Best DJs playing here all time! If you are in search best DJs and Bollywood stars and then you have reached to your destination.



Playboy Club

This is the club with varied DJs for different days, visual artists, a bar, and a dance floor. By Paying and annual membership of INR 2.5 Lac a year, you use  your membership by dining and seating area complete with black and silver suede upholstery.

 SinQ, Goa

If you want to do party indoor club or outdoors on the Upper Deck. You want jump in blue water at the poolside and take Dinner. SinQ is a complete one stop for every thing. SinQ is one the top Club in Goa.


Club cubana, Goa

Cubana  is very economical compared to other clubs listed here. This club stands out over others, is the interesting mix of international, as well as the popular Bollywood music played by DJs.


 Trilogy, Mumbai

The Trilogy has a sea view. Apart from the couch and sexy models, here is  a wooden bar and glittering red staircase and humongous dance floor above it. Perfect for a once in a while, right out. 


Tantra Kolkata

Decorated with two bars, a hangout area, a playful dance floor, and ample of space to move and groove not many clubs like this one to celebrate your weekend.


Tryst, Mumbai

If you got more money to spend, Tryst is your destination! Great light show, where more than million color almost every corner and bright green absinthe potions swirl around in glasses. You got here personal butler and a bouncer Minimum billing INR 25000 .


Shiro , Mumbai

This Night Club known for diving cocktails. If you feel like having good food, its restaurant will serve you best than your expectation. if you are in Mumbai surely visit Shiro is named best bar for dancing in 2014 at Times Food and Nightlife Awards !


Skyye Lounge, Bengaluru

Sitting on a sky high couch, taking a view of half the city lights, chilled drinks, listening to a live DJs, there is nothing that beats the idea of a perfect date. You must visit this place in Bengaluru.


Aer, Mumbai

Open air rooftop bar during weekend 34th floor of the Four seasons Hotel for cocktails and unforgettable dancing experience surround by the city’s lights on one side and the sea on the other.