Bhangra has adapted and changed but its core part

Bhangra  music  is  a  combination  of  traditional  Punji  music
 with  westrn  style.  It
 is  popular  among  Punjabi
 immigrates  in  British.  The Punjab’s  famous 
bhangra music originated  in  the  mid–to-late
 20th century   It  is  formed  when several  Punjabi  bands 
started  experimenting   traditional
Punjabi  music  with  western 
styles.  In  its early 
days  it  is  known  as  a
celebratory  which  welcomed  the coming  of   vaisakhi, or  spring. 
Bhangra  is  originated  from  Punjab
of  north  india 
and  now  it  is  accepted
 and  enjoyed 
all  over  the 
world.  Bollywood  has  also
 highly influenced  by  bhangra
 music  and  now
 we  can  see
 a  lot  of  bhangra  artists  giving  soundtracks  to  popular  films  in  bollywood.
It  is 
also  performed  in parties, 
wedding  and  club 
and  the  dance  rhythm
 is  set  by 
dhols.  With  times  bhangra 
has adapted  and  changed 
but its core part remains  a  sense 
of  tradition and  cultural 


There  are  some 
key  points  that 
we  should  consider 
about  Bhangra  music:

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Bhangra  is  a  significant 
tradition  of  Punjabi culture  because 
it  shows  talent, 
potential,  and  imagination  of  Punjabi

The  most  important
 instrument  used  in
 Bangra  music  is
 Dhol, it play an important role in Bhangra
performance.  The  large wooden  drum  with
 two  side  barrel,  which  is  played  with
 cane  stick  provide  a  bass  sound.

The  lyrics 
of  bhangra  music 
are  sung  in  Punjabi
 language and are all about
relationship,  dancing,  money,  love, 
drinking  and  mercy.


Canada  is  a  country  with  divers  culture  because  of  lot  of  immigrants
 from  different  parts  of
 the  world.  As
 bhangra  music  reflects
 the  culture  and  tradition
 of  Punjabis’  in  northern  part  of
 india,  and  if  Canadians  listen  to  these  they  can
 understand  the  Indian
 culture.  There  are  also  many  fund
 raising  bhangra  music  programs  conducted  in  Canada
 wide  to  help