Biogas to fuel the car it will cause corrosion

is the product of fermentation, reshuffle or decomposition of organic materials
including human waste and domestic waste (household) and biodegradable waste
processed by moranogen bacteria. Biogas is one of the alternatives of
environmental problems lately. Earth’s increasingly aging conditions cause the
ozone layer is already hollow. This is caused by people who always use
unfriendly fuel that can damage the ozone layer. Therefore, biogas is one
alternative to environmental problems. This is because biogas is a product of
waste (organics) products that elaborated by bacteria. However, it can not be
denied that each product must have some disadvantages, as we can see that
biogas still has some disadvantages and there is one way to cover the
shortcomings of making biogas is to make it in a simple set.

biogas also has many disadvantages that is it requires high funds for applications
in the form of biogas installations because biogas can only be produced in the
presence of high technology to produce large-scale biogas products, the labor
does not have adequate capability especially in the production process, the
biogas can not be packed in liquid form in the tube, when the processing takes
a relatively long time the material CH4 properties are odorless
making it difficult to detect when a leak occurs, flammability, temperature
influence on biogas production, biogas production must be in the stable
temperature 37oC to produce it, in biogas product still contains a
lot of waste and it has an impact when biogas is used to fuel the car it will
cause corrosion on the metal part of the machine because the product of biogas
still contains impurities, less suitable for crowded metropolitan areas because
one of biogas weakness that is biogas can only be produced when there are many
raw materials (waste) to make it. While in the metropolitan area there is no
specific place to unite that waste.

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of the deficiencies of biogas can be tricked in several ways : biogas on a
large scale requires money and high technology to produce it. However, can be
tricked by the use of one tool for a single household in a traditional way that
uses large drum and assembles them to be used to make biogas products which
takes 2-3 weeks to be able to use it. in this way we have shed some
disadvantages of biogas. How to make this simple biogas tool is : If the drum
you buy is covered on both sides then drill one side of the drum with a
hacksaw, install Installation of elastic hose (pipe gas), pvc pipe and faucet
stop in such a way on the drum-2 bottoms towards the stove. Its purpose is to
drain the gas from the reactor drum to the stove, then prepare a solution of
cow dung and water with a ratio of 1: 1 on drum-1. Stir until the solution is
evenly mixed. To speed up the reaction process add a starter of yeast bread,
MB3 or others that can be purchased at the store means of agriculture, after
both drums are ready: drum-1 (drum reactor) containing cow dung solution,
drum-2 (gas reservoir) installed pvc pipe installation and elastic hose to the
stove, then the next step is to put drum-2 in sink into drum- 1 with the drum-2
butt position on top, wait for 2-3 weeks until gas production begins much, with
the marked drum-2 slowly rising upwards as it is filled with gas, if the
position of drum-2 has gone up, means that biogas is already producing and can
be used for cooking purposes every day. To get a higher gas pressure give a
rock or the other as a weight that is placed on top of drum-2.