Biology is evident.Studying mathematics with statistics allows development of

Biology continuously presents new ideas and concepts, despite the large wealth of information that is presented, I find myself intrigued to deepen my understanding of the human body. “Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind” by Yuval Noah Harari introduced me to developmental biology. Primarily, the focus lies on the ‘cognitive revolution’, Harari eloquently expresses that it is the complexities of the human brain that have made humans the most successful race on the planet. This inspired me to complete further research, and I attended a lecture titled “The mathematical brain’. The lecture presented a small section of the brain, the intraparietal sulcus, known to be almost exclusively responsible for numerical processing. To illustrate this, we were shown MRI scans of various persons who had dyscalculia due to this region having structural abnormalities. This highlights the complexity of smaller structures within the body and shows us how advanced and intricate our bodies are. Reading about discoveries of this nature, resonate with my zeal to ask questions of my own and to find the answers both during the course and with a future career in medical research. Through my study of chemistry, I have been able to acquire the skills to conduct experiments, and have used it as a platform to increase my understanding of topics such as protein synthesis where the synergy between Chemistry and Biology is evident.Studying mathematics with statistics allows development of my analytical thinking and problem-solving skills, paired with statistics, it is very helpful in evaluating the results of experiments.By frequently attending biology journal club and engaging in discussion, I’ve increased my knowledge of medicine in the modern world and global issues and perhaps the controversies surrounding them. Examples have included the case of the Zika virus being linked to microcephaly. An article written on sickle cell anaemia immediately captured my attention, the article discusses potential cures via gene therapy. It is thought that there is a potential threat posed by the frequent use of gene therapy as it will reduce genetic diversity. My opinion, however, coincides with the contrasting view, that gene therapy is important for the future of the human race, as, it is an innovation that is at the pinnacle of overcoming genetic disorders.  Finding cases such as this where assorted fields of science (in this instance biology and engineering) are combined to solve fundamental issues increases my desire to study biomedical sciences. During the summer, I completed work experience at a pharmacy. I worked closely with the head pharmacist to dispense medicine, through this I learnt about the role various drugs play in the body, I was also able to gain a view of the impact that medical research has on the general community from many different dimensions. While volunteering at the British heart foundation and at a nursing home, I learned the value of perseverance and how to work as part of a team, skills that are vital for a research scientist.While studying, I have a part-time job as a science presenter to younger children and in corporate events, this role has allowed me to develop professionally as I present topics of medical interest. Not only does this allow me to impart knowledge to growing minds and inspire them to love science, it allows me to gain knowledge concurrently while allowing me to develop my communication, leadership and time management skills. Both a degree and career in the biomedical science field is a challenging pursuit but the fact that I am excited about the future of modern science and that I am dedicated to all parts of my life will ensure that I am continually motivated to go far in this field.