Booker his family moved with his stepfather in West

Booker T. Washington is one of the
most controversial individuals of color and black history. This is due to his
beliefs that if blacks wanted to be accepted in society, they needed to go to
school and work to earn their rights.  In
this report, I’ll discuss Washington’s childhood, how he came to the belief,
and how he contributed to the Civil Rights Movement.


Booker Taliaferro Washington was
born a slave in April of 1856. He was born in Virginia to a slave mother and
white father, who he would never know. Booker and his family live in a room
cabin on the Burroughs family property. As a young slave he did chores on the
farm as many slave children did in those times. 

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In 1865, the slaves on the borroughs
farm learned that they were free. Booker later said “The Emancipation
Proclamation made us men instead of property”.1
Months later Booker and his family moved with his stepfather in West Virginia.
They still lived poorly and Booker and his brother worked in a salt mine along
with their stepfather. Booker wanted to learn to read and write after seeing a
young black man who came into town to read the newspaper every day. His mom
gave him a spelling book semicolon and he told himself the alphabet. Booker was
Eagle to go to school but was for bed by his stepfather semicolon but they came
to an agreement so Booker could work and go to school.


Booker went on to work for General
Lewis and Viola Ruffner. He became very close with Miss Mrs. Ruffner. He
learned a lot from her; that everything had to be neat and done a certain way.
This was who Booker learned his OCD ways from. She also taught Booker how to
read and encouraged Booker to start saving books for his own Library. Booker
went on to work for Mrs. Ruffner on and off period while working at a coal
mine, he overheard some miners speak about the Hampton normal and agricultural
Institute in Virginia.


Book of Shirley made it to Hampton
Institute. He worked as a janitor and was an above-average student. He
graduated early and decided he wanted to be a teacher. Booker returned back to
Malden to teach. It wasn’t long before he was asked to teach that Hampton
Institutes. He started a night school and was very successful. He left Hampton
soon after.


Victor went on to start his own
College in Tuskegee Alabama. He had to work hard and diligence get it on its
feet. With many donations and labor done by the students, Tuskegee Institute
opened in 1881. The school was ran like Hampton Institute semicolon
cleanliness, uniform inspections, students had to brush their teeth, and have
their hair combed. However, overtime the curriculum would change allowing students
to learn more trade skills.


Booker was asked to speak at the
Atlantic arts and exhibition in 1895. In his speech, Booker encouraged blacks
and whites to work together semicolon benefiting their races and the economy:




The speech was widely received by
the audience. However Booker speech to see backlash from many Northern activist
who disagreed with his theory; many who still believed African Americans had
equal rights as whites and one of those rights right then.



This brought an even further divided
in the country. There were violent incidents happening and through it all
Washington remained diligent. He would quietly fight in justices for people of
color semicolon thumb he was successful at and others would not so successful.
He enjoyed his own and justices at this time semicolon which helps him to
become more vocal of the Injustice is done to blacks. With all that Washington
have going on he remains faithful to Tuskegee Institute up until his death in
1915. His life Legacy was to show that people of color could achieve and obtain
Great Character and a better life through not only academic education semicolon
but just as important, agricultural education. Blackfoot live better lives by
being more self-reliant and grow businesses.


In my opinion, Booker T Washington
was ahead of his time. I think he knew that America would never truly be equal
for African American semicolon so he was giving them an opportunity to easily
get education and skills to better themselves. And bettering themselves, other
races with me their business and they make a living for themselves and their
families. However, many people opposed this idea.


The influence Booker T Washington
had on the Civil Rights Movement was his legacy of education, and to fight
(non-violent) with your character. The Civil Rights Movement was about making
change semicolon but doing it with dignity and showing that blacks just wanted
the same freedoms as the whites served as a challenge. A challenge Booker was
ready to take on. 


In conclusion, Booker T Washington to be a
leader for the black community semicolon and was one of the most controversial
leaders as well. He believed if given a chance blacks would benefit not only
themselves but the American economy as well.

1 Schraff,
Anne E. Booker T. Washington: “character is power”. Berkeley
Heights, NJ: Enslow Publishers, 2006. P16