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Brooks Marcus?????????                                                                                                   11/10/1712 pm class ?????????                                                                                              Gloria Naylor essay Sentence outline: It is said that five of Gloria Naylor’s work transcends limits, her characters are always challenging themselves whether it be against racism, genders, or the caste system. Naylor’s life from the start to finish is one about defiance.Naylor began writing during the heyday of the women’s movement, which had articulated a vast body of feminist thought. She was impressed with the lack of fiction on the experiences, and perspectives of the black female population and where and when she grew up was a rough time for females even harder for black females who had to deal with rape, poverty and a long list of other social and personal problems. Naylor’s knack for romance is very intriguing as several of her character are prone to obsession and emotions to the extreme as to where they are scene as stereotypical and are easily seen through. she even matches the mood with the setting of the story in  her writings such as after the depressive climax in The Women of Brewster Place the sky was gloomy and dark for weeks.  Her romance style is somewhat symbolic which reminds me of Nathaniel Hawthorne.Naylor was born in New York City on January 25, 1950. Mere weeks before her mother decided she didn’t want her baby to be born in her native town for fear of limiting Naylor’s potential in in December of 1949, Alberta McAlpin Naylor departed from Mississippi with her husband in search of better jobs and more fulfilling personal lives. For many blacks, moving north offered more First-Aid to social ills. Roosevelt (Alberta’s husband) worked as a motorman for the New York city transit and Alberta as a telephone operator, the couple worked day and night to ensure their children a life far better than the one they had, but not everything was going good for the Naylor’s, Roosevelt was drafted into the Korean conflict which were quite similar to the south, in terms of segregation and the Jim Crow laws. And the Truman administration outlawed segregation in the armed forces just as Roosevelt was discharged. Gloria Naylor’s interest in literature was generated at an early age, when her mother who was an avid reader urged her daughter to read abroad as in the harsh south it was very hard for her to get in the library. Her daughter, whom never grew up in the south wont have to face such obstacles, she is free to go into the library and check out books at her leisure.The Women of Brewster Place one if not the best books she has ever written having earned national book award for first novel plus having a miniseries created out of it which did really amazing even getting a few awards, it truly is a work of art cover to cover. its seven protagonist whom are all black females that come from different areas and battle different demons that plague them like their child doing wrong and in jail to a women who pops babies out without a care and after they leave her womb she forces them to fight for themselves. All seven women arrive in a deteriorating neighborhood that was beyond their own control, they still try and make the best of it and struggle to overcome it but most are unsuccessful and end up living day to day. The book explores the concept of women’s sexuality and no two characters are different most have a filthy habit of sexual such as Cora Lee who has unsafe sex and is constantly pregnant compared to Mattie who cut herself of of sex completely and a more positive role model of sex is Miss Eva who enjoys sex but within the confines of marriage. the character development is really peculiar, even though characters each get a chapter we still see others as well allowing us some character development such as Mattie who opens the book for us introduces us to other characters because she is seen as the motherly figure on Brewster Place who everyone comes for advice eventually. Whether poverty, lesbians, or abuse The Women of Brewster Place is a work of art from start to finish  as it dives deep into the mind of the reader and leaves them thinking long after the book has been put down as everyone leaves Brewster what will happen next?The way Gloria Baylor blends and layers her work along with her characters even having other characters make cameos in different chapter but subtly bring them in. Which is hard to do for any author especially when they have different issues going on, as Gloria Naylor has several characters to build up and sometimes the characters build each other up like the motherly figure of Brewster Place communicated with other protagonists and offered them advice Naylor’s narrative structure is extremely unique from using different eras to bridging European and African American literary traditions, she also uses a very rare form of writing involving using individual stories to present an overall narrative to describe the woes of the downtrodden problemsLike the seven females from The women of Brewster place, her symbolism is at most times depicted by her settings such as Brewster Place which is a dead end street,  Linden Hill is literally a fragment of Dante’s hell. Naylor is so fixated on her work that she sometimes forgets what year the story is in as  she writes her about the south, years before there were any actual highways heading to the north even plants and fruits blooming before the best possible fruition. Naylor has a tendency in her earlier work to demonize men. Naylor said that she had tried hard to avoid portraying men negatively in The Women of Brewster Place and thought she had succeeded. This statement is rather astonishing, as practically all the men in the novel are dirt bags, except for a kindly old wino who was killed for his troubles by a lesbian, her subconscious hatred towards men is expected as she depicted men besides her father was animal like. She was raised in the slums, ghettos, or projects they all are horrible and an unforgiving place, where there are rapist, gangbangers, drug dealers but all this makes a great author with a lot of rich and raw creativity waiting to be molded into a writer.Her other book Mama Day is a great books as she has  6 years since her rookie release of The Women of BrewsterPlace she has had 6 years to master her writing form and she has more experience with published books and constructive criticism. While her first two were grounded into in the known reality Mama days allows Naylor to explore the  and to question the concept of reality. Mama Day tells the story of Ophelia Day or cocoa as she is known and George Johnson, whom later becomes lovers , and George is introduced into the Day family, fast forward a couple years and we see Bascombe Wade and his slave Sapphira, they also fall in love and she manipulates him into freeing his slaves and giving them the deed to his island and Sapphira repays him by murdering him.. She eventually bore several children, onewho was named Day and he too had seven children, the youngest called John- Paul; Sapphira was known to possess supernatural powers that are Passed down to her descendentof the seventh son of the seventh son will also be bestowed supernatural powers.The novel is divided into three parts and opens with a brief prologue that starts in the 1999 but the rest of the book is in the early 1800s. Like an unspoiled garden, the island provides everything that its inhabitants need, if they are willing to learn its ways and abide by its natural rhythms.   To present a picture of the richness of black cultural experience in the United States, Naylor has created a mini cosmos, the little black world of Willow Springs, an island that has declined to become a political unit of the United States.  This island uses Naylor’s various motifs to deepen the novel, it also uses the magical world of William Shakespeare’s Prospero, and its own master magician is Miranda Day, the spiritual heir of the unusual couple who founded the island community in the early days of the nineteenth century.  The world Is neither a part of  Georgia or even South Carolina, the island has avoided the suppression caused by segregation as well as the corruption of the acquisitive and status-driven American society of the late twentieth century.  The way Naylor weaves her stores timeline and still make it coherent is a testament to her ability to write as an author, her ability to connect characters from different time lines such as Sapphira and Miranda and how they are related and possess the same exact powers and Baileys Café is a story of ambience and warming place where people can find refuge and safe haven. As her fourth novel, Baileys Café, this novel hosts a bizarre variety of characters from nuns to pimps but they all have one thing in common, they all were lost and probably at their lowest in life, they all came to the Café and left realizing the uttermost potential and are now even more mature and at peace with themselves. Like most of all her other books Baileys Café has several other mini plots, each chapter detailing the life struggles of a different character and From these collected stories the reader has to confront  the depths of human struggle and survival despite the odds. One of the characters, Sadie who is depicted as a wino, a whore and a lady is from the south side of Chicago which even to this day is ridden with gangs and drugs. Sadie has the worst of luck as she is born into the world of no father and a mother who reminds me of a Cinderella wicked stepmother as she forces her daughter to cook, clean be her caretaker and do laundry while she’s ten, by the time she’s thirteen she is forcibly turned to prostitution and several months later she is pregnant but nonetheless she tries her best to be a lady and she continues in prostitution  after a string of bad luck, she eventually lands in Baileys café and the ice delivery man notices her elegance and they eventually are friends but the chapter ends turning to eve. You can’t help but feel a bit of empathy and pity for a character like Sadie who always puts other in front of herself even though she is always let down and cast aside when she isn’t of use to them anymore, which causes her to develops distrust with anyone regardless of their intentions. But all the other characters go through there own crucible. Naylor relies on individual stories to present an overall narrative about the woes of the victimized, each chapter is a complete unit detailing the life of a different character and what ties all of this together is the main character Bailey, the person who’s voice serves as the link among those in the bizarre cast. How the book starts as is by Bailey giving as a brief summary of his own life from his childhood and the military to his wife Nadine. Time is a element that Naylor successful manipulates, because Baileys Café is mobile appearing in whatever city the character needs to find a sanctuary, time has to be a relative concept in order for someone to tell his or her story  Naylor has to adopt the time period to her story but she never extends more then a couple of years. Naylor really creates works of art.Her fifth novel The Men of Brewster Place revisits her original community she created in The Women Of Brewster Place, in this second installment it is the men who offer their perspectives on the challenges  about their communities,  self perceptions and relationships with the women in their  lives.The men are more energetic as they show growth and are willing to change for the better and also development or in other words become more mature and elaborate. Miss. Naylor reintroduces some familiar faces who appeared in The Women Of Brewster Place and introduced new characters that range from Ben the maintenance man who starts off the book with tales of his childhood all throughout to his present 68 year old life it is a tale of lost manhood from losing his daughter to his wife abandoning him it is a sad and tragic ending leaving us wondering if he ever gets his manhood back. The most surprising is basil Mitchell, he is a recurring character and is the son of Mattie, he made the most improvement as Mattie sold her house to post bail for basil and since then basil has two full time jobs and one part time job trying to write his wrongs but only for him to discover that he was to late and she died when he planned on surprising her with the house, there are several other characters but none are as memorable as a changed basil as before he wouldn’t have thought twice about his mother but he solely holds himself responsible for ruining her life and forcing her into moving. Gloria Naylor and her own pocket universe that is her collected books are wittily written as she looks beyond the book she’s writing into other versions or spin offs of them for example The men Of Brewster Place, it picks up right where The Women Of Brewster Place left off and focuses on the men and how they evolved from waste of space into mature and intelligent people who understand how the real world won’t give them anything and they have to work for it.Gloria Naylor who was already fighting a downhill battle in being a novelist, had to face the oppressive nature of be a black female writer in the 60s and 70s when tension was still high between to races. As a testament to how strong she is she never once wavered on her dreams of becoming an accomplished writer. Her writing skills were legendary and are hard to replicate as she defined her style to have several mini stories with different characters each going through something themselves but still have enough hope to continue on fighting. Gloria Naylor is a pioneer to all of the female writers who dream of being a great novelist who can depict her characters in such a way that her audience can feel there pain. The audience can even sense where her deep borderline abyss like hatred towards men as she does it subconsciously, as she even stated she thought she was kind to the men showing that not only are the men she interacted with or saw are much worse then in her book, but I can only hypothesize this because she never outright claimed that. She is able to create her own environment couples with her unique skill to weave in and out her own timeline. In 2000 Naylor was in a point of her life that only two things mattered, her family and her writing she never remarried, didn’t have any kids so she would look for comfort in her sisters and mother as the oldest she felt responsible for taking care of her family. All of this rambling is a summary of how strong willed she is but all of her feats and her fame she is still humble and will always value her family above all else even the main characters of her stories are reincarnations of her Mattie who gave up her home for her stubborn son and died still loving him, Sapphira who despite her ways managed to free her family that was slaves and give them a whole island and bailey who mobile café offered characters a safe haven. She isn’t just an author she’s a caring person who thinks the whole world is her family and isn’t into writing for the fame not a lot of people can claim that. If you even pick up one of Gloria Naylor’s book you will be impressed, sadden and thinking for days on end. 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