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By the double jeopardy rule, this case can technically be tried three separate times. This is because George violated laws in two states (Florida and Alabama), and the laws of the federal government. This is allowed to happen due to a loophole in the double jeopardy clause. The double jeopardy clause states that a person cannot be tried by the same jurisdiction twice for the same offense. Since George violated laws in three separate jurisdictions, he can be tried for the same offense on three different occasions. 

However, someone can be tried for the same crime multiple times if the jury reaches a hung jury decision. A hung jury is when the verdict is not guilty or not guilty. So, the accused can be put on a trial until a definitive decision is made. For example, Mississippi resident Curtis Flowers has been tried six separate times because the decision has always ended up in a hung jury.

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This case can also be tried separate times on different charges. If George supposedly stole the pistol he used to shoot Bill, he could also be charged for that along with murdering Bill. This is another loophole in the double jeopardy clause that can be used to prosecute the same person multiple times.

High-profile cases also have a higher chance of being prosecuted by state and federal prosecutors, and people also use this loophole to try people multiple times. These are cases that usually involve athletes, celebrities and politicians. For example, when Michael Vick was prosecuted for dog fighting, he went to state and federal court. This was a high-profile case that flipped the National Football League on its head, and many different people wanted to have a chance to convict him.

While the fifth amendment states that no person can be tried twice on the same offense, that is hardly the case. There are plenty of loopholes that people use to get around this clause, and anybody can reasonably be tried multiple times due to all of the loopholes.