By command of Joseph Stalin, who wished to expand

 By the end of World War II in 1945, America’s diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union, once its wartime ally, had grown strained. The Communist Party that controlled the Soviet Union, as a threat to America’s newfound economic prosperity and position as world leader. In that tension between Soviet and American powers, the Cold War was born.  The cold war persisted until 1991 and during later years artist expression was suppressed by the world’s superpowers. The artist Andy Warhol undermined these authorities with subtle undertones and inlaid meanings within his banal art representing the stresses and contradictions of the current culture.The Cold War developed a heightened level of fear in America.  The onset of the cold war, which was a period of tension between the Soviet Union and the United States from 1945-1991, drastically altered life for Americans. During this time Soviets were under the command of Joseph Stalin, who wished to expand Soviet territory.The United States worked to thwart the Soviets efforts of combat and communism. The fear of communist influence undermining the United States caused Americans to reevaluate their daily interactions and beliefs. The possibility of nuclear holocaust loomed large after Americans witnessed test explosions from both country’s arsenals.  Fear was pervasive in America. The fear of communism started under Harry Truman in 1947.  During this time the FBI was given full authority to detain and investigate anyone they felt was a risk to the safety of the United States. Soon afterward, McCarthyism started, which were witch hunts for covert communists, and accused many individuals of treason without evidence.  The United States then launched domestic preparedness for a potential nuclear attack. The defense was initiated by “underground bunkers and fallout shelters throughout the United States.” Duck and cover was started in the school systems, which propagated fear.