Cameron Number three is Strategy, when this is implement

  Cameron Williams

                                                         Assignment 2

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                                                         CS 105

















The security
measures that I would put in place to prevent the receipt of spoofed emails.
First would be to control the access list and to deny private Ip addresses on
our dream stream. Secondly I would implement filtering between the both inbound
and outbound traffic. These two things will help prevent a receipt of spoofed

The difference
between Ip spoofing and e-mail spoofing. IP spoofing is known as address
forgery or to host file hijack. This spoof use website and hijack browsers to
gain access to the network. Now for Email spoofing it uses a forgery of an
email messages. It also uses spam campaigns which people can open the message in
legitimate sources.

The first key to
a successful implementation for online CRM strategy is too have a project
manager which has the overall management and the mandate to run the project.
This manager will drive the project so that the steps get done and the goals
are met. Number two would be Super-user which is the person that organizes which
is assigned as the super-user of your new system. Number three is Strategy,
when this is implement into your CRM system your whole organization needs to
re-think all routines. Every individual needs to change their work pattern.

The advantages of
CGI allows filmmakers to create high-quality and life like images for movie. It
also can generate images that would be expensive to produce manually. Some
disadvantages of CGI are that the programs are slow. Also the database
connection has to be reopened for the next instance of a program which will
cost the producers a lot of money.

Amination has had
a huge impact on CGI over since it came out. Without CGI there would be no Star
Wars or Jurassic Park with are some of my favorite movies. These films relied heavily
on CGI to produce these films, because without it, it probably wouldn’t have
been as good as it is. According to
CGI places usually unrealistic additions into the film and strives to make
these unrealistic additions somehow realistic.