Carbon natural gas. A fact is also that carbon

Carbon dioxide has some effects on the Green House and keeps  it warm. Since  more heat is trapped in. This is also known as global warming if this happens it causes plants to make it less evaporative. But Carbon dioxide is also considered to be very polluted with the cars,power plants,planes and other things that have to do with burning fossil fuels like gasoline or natural gas. A fact is also that carbon dioxide can cause death and damages with your body because of these and because it’s not a gas. Carbon dioxide has 0.03% to 0.04% amount of air composition.Health: Carbon dioxide is important for the life of the animals. Oxygen also has a big effect since it makes  the body by breathing, But if this happens a lot or to often it could kill animals hurting and affecting the kidney or could catch up to a coma. So we could say that the carbon dioxide have big effects on the environment in different kind of ways. Another problem you could get is heart problems for you to breath even harder since you don’t have Carbon. This happens very rarely though.-The Carbon dioxide has a impact on the environment because of air pollution. For example in the greenhouse. Carbon traps all  the radiation from the ground level which helps it creating ground level ozone. Simply the atmospheres layer overcomes or to avoid the earth cooling at night. – Not only this but it also affects the environmental effect of carbon on the airs pollution of climate change every time. The surface of the earth has gone extremely up over the last 100 years.- Lastly the acid rain by fossil fuels burning energy plant which combine to a moisture above the sky. It’s then hard to see and you could just like see clouds.Conclusion In conclusion the effect of all these gases could be said as a lot. Since throughout the past 200 million years we have been burning fossil fuels a lot which could affect this a lot but also the molecules the earth atmosphere are always moving in and out of the air and changing through the reactions then. Not only does this happen