Career weather like freezing rain or extreme heat or

Career CruisingA career that showed up as the second list was Enlisted Member of the Armed Forces. The Enlisted Member of the Armed Forces is based on the two different categories which are the officers who give the orders and the enlisted members who carry out the orders. Some of them are trained to use guns and medical supplies and some take care of the financial aspects. They spend a few years in one area and then are transferred to another area.  They can earn from around $19,000 to $25,000 a year. Mid-level members earn about $24,000 to $45,000 a year. The new recruits have to do 12 weeks of basic boot camp. The next job is a National Guard which they go through a lot of military training to be able to get ready in case there is an attack so they will be able to defend. They also help during floods and earthquakes and other natural disasters. They work in garages at a military bases and just regular garages to be close in case of an attack. They work in any type of weather like freezing rain or extreme heat or just the regular temperatures of the months. For the earnings it says “Those with the rank of Private or Airman Basic earn about about $209 for their 2 days a month. Warrant officers and master sergeants earn from $375 to $1,271 a month. Officers, from second lieutenants to colonels, earn between $396 and $1,479 a month. Members also get paid for their annual 2-week training period.” For the education you have to have a high school diploma or a GED. For the training when accepted, it’s a lot of physical and mental drills. In conclusion I would consider doing either of these because that is something that i have already considered but it wouldn’t be my first choice on what i want to do. The Enlisted Member of the Armed Forces does have better pay but the National Guard, from my research, seems like it would fit me better. In the end i still want to look into the air force or being an engineer.