Case make a voter list with carefully caught photos.

Case Study Analysis

This paper can be both (rationalistic or socially embedded perspective) because of different points, however the author of this paper had chosen Social Embedded perspective and reasons will provided in below section. According to (Chowdhury, 2009; Islam, 2010) absence of thought to culturally sensitive issues, for example taking photos of traditionalist ladies is S.E because is about the culture and is Focus on the particular thing which is photography, so this might happen just in one place and would not affect others somewhere else. An effective partnership and proprietorship among the different stakeholders with BEC was seen, such as Armed Militaries, UNDP, political events, Electrical and print Media, Support to the Voting Development in Bangladesh Project, Election Working Group, other public civilisations, religious and community leaders and even with the individual voters through mass mindfulness.

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This paper portrays the PERP project and in addition the historical backdrop of fizzled activities and examinations achievement factors in light of the IS implementation writing. This is an interpretive case study where both primary and secondary information has been utilized. The key finding is that the real explanation for the achievement was to complete the venture in a ‘politically controlled’ condition where the general population worked in an exceptionally organized system framework following a solid and reasonable guide. Government authorities normally, surmise that absence of inner political want, dominance of politics, absence of visions, poor change administration, absence of capabilities and insufficient mechanical framework are the real failure factors for project execution in Bangladesh (Islam, 2010).

With subsidizing from eight improvement accomplices and directed by UNDP, the PERP project has possessed the capacity to make a voter list with carefully caught photos. An autonomous appraisal did by IFES has named the photograph voter rundown to be ‘exceptionally’ precise and of a worldwide standard. The PERP project is as of now refreshing the photograph voter list operations (Chowdhury, 2009). There are a couple of issues that PERP should address. One is filling its empty posts that came about after the staff from the underlying voter enrolment exertion proceeded onward to different posts. Another is keeping up its level mastery as staff individuals change. The big issue is guaranteeing the support and management of the rundowns after the finish of the project which is an issue that still should be tended to, however PERP benefited from a “Memorandum of Understanding” (MOU) marked between the BEC and the Central Control Cell Army of Bangladesh for the arrangement of help administrations and for the voter move operations (Chowdhury, 2009).

Though, the continuing shift of the public service transfer style from the official model to the e-government self-service model involves changes in the development organization, organisation values and control style in the management (Tat-Kei Ho, 2002). (Atakoa, 2013) also classifies management styles, government and culture as some of the main barriers that can delay the project operation process.




In this section


Since autonomy in 1971, the part of the Bangladesh Election Commission (BEC) has been accepted basic in setting the future heading of legislative issues and governments. Its part in setting up a solid Voter ID card list for a valid decision and stable majority rules system has been bantered about and examined a ton, particularly before the elections.