Central it helps in transferring of minerals from Project

Central Neural Gateway


complete space colony will be held together by a Central Neural Gateway. This
Central Neural Gateway will be the main structure in which floor to floor
transport can be made possible. This Central Neural Gateway will be the control
room for the whole settlement. In the middle of the Central Neural Gateway, a
very strong electromagnet will be present, thus the production of a magnetic
field, so most of the small particles and radiation will be repelled off back
into space, another advantage of making an electromagnet is that it can also
produce a Gravitational Force, but to be on the safer side, it will be rotating
on its own axis.

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The Docking Station


Docking Station is an important part of the colony, as it helps in transferring
of minerals from Project X to Mars and from Mars
to ‘Project X’. The Docking Station will be placed at the top of the space
colony to provide easiness to the spacecraft which land and take-off.

Docking Station will be big enough to hold five spaceships at once. The docking
station will be divided such that the opening in the middle carries the
spacecraft from out to in and vice-versa. The remaining part will be surrounded
by toughened glass, so air cannot escape into the open. The place secured by
the glass is the control room built for the Station. There will be sensors on
top of the middle piece, which sense only a particular sign which should be on
the spacecraft to unlock the door, hence only allowed spacecraft can come in
and go out. Once the middle piece comes inwards, the spacecraft moves aside,
and the middle piece closes the gap, then pressurizes the chamber. The middle
piece will have the length of one point to the opposite side as 0.06 kilometers
long, so the spacecraft can fit in easily. The length of the total layer will
be 0.3 kilometers. The parking area for the spacecraft will be 0.29 kilometers.
The length of the control room will be 0.012 for each side. It is safe to use Bakelite,
Toughened Glass, and Aluminum, even though they melt, because of the lack of
Oxygen, the layer cannot combust, hence it is safe.


The Second Layer


Second Layer is the layer in which the Agricultural Sector and the Residential
Sector are present.


The Residential Sector


Residential Sector, or the bottom half, will be supporting the life 1500
people. This sector itself will be containing several schools, colleges,
different hospitals and few fire brigades. It will also be having its own
market arena, so the residents can get their food, clothing and every other
necessity in these stores. The total length from one end to the other will be
one kilometer long, with the Central Nervous Gateway in the middle, occupying
0.2 kilometers, leaving 0.4 kilometers on both sides. The way of traveling the
0.4 kilometers can be done by either by catching the high-speed train, by
cycling or by walking. On the floor of the Residential Sector, 0.5 meters of
Earth soil, or purified Martian Soil, will be spread over the whole area. Grass
and small flowering plants will be grown, thus giving the natural, Earth-like
look. In one area of the Sector, the soil will gradually decrease to give the
floor. This area will be filled with water. The soil near this water will be covered
with sand, giving a Beach-like look. Wave generators at the ends will produce
waves, allowing algae to grow. If these algae are contained, it can be useful
for maintaining the balance of Oxygen.


Mandela quoted, “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change
the world”. Nelson Mandela meant this because education is the key to remove
Gender Inequality, reduce poverty, creating a better planet, prevent illnesses
and prevent many deaths. To follow what Nelson Mandela said, we have to be
educated. So, even the space colony must be having a place to study. In
‘Project X’ there will be schools to provide education from Kindergarten all
the way to 10th Grade. There will also be colleges for students to
continue their studies. Employment of many people will also be given with the
jobs of teachers and staff. These



Residing in space has
many harms due to natural factors like zero gravity, being exposed to
radiation for a long time. These have many harmful effects. The harmful effects
and the ways to cure or prevent them are given below.

Bone Density Loss

        Bones are thought of as everlasting
rigid calcium pillars, but this is wrong, as bones are tissues that constantly
change their shape as per the stress applied to them. On Earth, the legs have
to constantly fight against gravity, but out in space, there is very less
gravity to fight against, so the bones in the legs start losing their density
thus surrendering to osteopenia and later into osteoporosis. This can be prevented
by the constant exercise to the legs like cycling or walking with the help of a
balanced diet.


Muscle Atrophy

        Muscle Atrophy is the loss of muscle
weight. It is quite normal in space and on Earth. It is caused by malnutrition,
and when one does not use the muscles frequently. To prevent the Muscle
Atrophy, constant use of muscles should take place.

Decreased production of

        Red Blood Cells are the cells
which help in the transport of the Oxygen from the lungs to the remaining parts
of the body. In space, due to the Bone Density Loss, even the Bone Marrow gets
affected, thus affecting the production of RBCs.