Chapter bee buzzing around in the room. Lombard says

Chapter 12 is also a very unique chapter. Following the tragic death of Mr. Rogers, this group of strangers is planning on what to do next to stay safe. After breakfast is over Wargrave calls to have a meeting in a half an hour to talk about the situation that they are all in. Vera starts clearing the table, and Ms. Brent gets up to help her but finds herself to weak to be of any assistance. Dr. Armstrong offers to give her something to help her, and she very quickly without hesitation denies his offer. Vera continues to clear the table in preparation for the big meeting held by Justice Wargrave. Chapter 12 should be very interesting.After clearing the table, everyone is gathered in the living room. Where is Ms. Brent? She is in the dining room, when she starts to hear a buzzing in her ear, almost like a bee, mixed with the sound of what seems to be like Beatrice Taylor. Suddenly she feels the sting of a bee on her neck. Waiting in the living room for Emily, Vera volunteers to go and get her. Blore says not to because he is under the impression that she is the killer because of her “religious mania,” also because she never owned up to what she was accused of in the recording. Vera begins explaining that she knows about the story of Beatrice Taylor, and she explains it to the rest of the group. Blore isn’t buying it. Wargrave doesn’t think it is her and suggest that someone go get her, and that Dr. Armstrong should take note of her attitude. They go in to find Ms. Brent dead.Surprised by her death, Dr. Armstrong have her an autopsy. He comes to the conclusion that she was killed by the injection of a hypodermic syringe in her neck. He then heard a bee buzzing around in the room. Lombard says it is just a coincidence that there was a bee in there, and that it only made sense because of the Ten Little Indians poem. Wargrave gets suspicious and asks if Doctor Armstrong if he bought a syringe, and he said yes. He said that someone must’ve taken it, and that they must hide any weapons they have, and search everyone’s room. Lombard goes to look for his revolver but is amazed by the fact that it is not there, they all searched their rooms and did not find anything suspicious. Blore is looking for a syringe, and can’t find it until he looks by the broken China boy. They then looked again for the revolver, and still couldn’t find it.