CHAPTER ideas with the help of internet and information



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 This chapter will enlighten the important of
mobile application in real world. The way mobile application supports the needs
of people. What other theories write about mobile application its usage,
development. The problem other theories encounter and the solutions they come
out about the problem. Most theories explain the important of mobile
application as well as Mobile Application Virtual Study Group will play an
important role in students.

Mobile Application

Most people
in the world enjoy using mobile application in other words mobile application
increase the opportunity of consumer buying power in a company. The developers
have to know the customer engagement which means they must develop mobile
application to satisfy customers. They need to improve design, support
interaction, perceive quality of information etc. Mobile application used in
several platforms for example majority of subject use mobile application,
social media, banking, health etc. According to Tarute, Nikou et al. (2017) users of mobile application gain
experience when browsing using mobile application. Mobile application plays an
important role in business environment because most of customers spend more time
in online and are using mobile application to get more information about the
business. Marketing mobile application to have more customers must be always on,
always connected, and always with customers(Berman 2016).

The Role of Mobile Application in Education

 As an increase in technology such as
e-learning mobile learning were born which allow students to learn, collaborate
and share their ideas with the help of internet and information technology. Mobile
Application Virtual Study Group will help student to communicate in physical
place, over the internet using video, audio, sending messages while sharing
their studies Mobile application these days play a crucial role in students
most students they like online studying. Library application or Book application
make students easy to search and find the appropriate material in mobile
application. They allow students to interact with lecturers and tutors.Harmon, Kalmar et al.
(2016) in his study explain that the
increase of mobile application in higher education make student to take
opportunity of work provided within them access at any time in any place.


Other related mobile Application

Zoom is a web conferencing which allow
users to interact remotely. It includes sharing of messages, audio, videos and
meeting which need participant ID to in a meeting and it take 40 minutes with
the maximum of 200 participants, it also stores data for each meeting and is

  Skype is an online communication media which
support conference call, video chart, audio chart and screen sharing between 25
people at a time. Its problem is connection, sometimes when you are in video
call it just disconnect. According to Cuaca Dharma, Asmarani et
al. (2017) skype and Zoom are other online communication
to show teaching process. Both use online communication media video and audio
to in video and audio to interact students and lectures.

BigBlueButton is an open source web conferencing
that allow audio, video, zooming and drawing, public and private chart,
presentation using pdf and Microsoft document(Chen, Chen et al. 2016). Its problem is that it depends on
the flash player platform and is downloadable as Virtual Machine that run on

GoToMeeting is a web conference use to host and
record online meetings, it allows people to collaborate with high quality
screen sharing, audio and video sharing. Free access allows people three
participants at a time. It provides toll free for attendees to eliminate long
distance call and allow more than one person to be in charge in a meeting. GoToMeeting
is used by authors institution, faculty members and trainees work from
different sites. They have problem in attending weekly so they decide to make
weekend classes so that authors can share experience with the attendees(Richardson, Petscavage et al. 2012). is an online meeting that allows
people, businesses and organization to meet online in a secure platform. The
free version allows 10 participants and the paid version allows up to 250
participants. It provides screen sharing, videos to participants. One of the
problem in is the login process it takes time because of the Captcha
tech. When you use free version you have to pay for more of storage and
sometimes users have find difficulties in getting into my meeting(GetApp).

















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