Chapter not obligation of central of government but is



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1A.The Background

Indonesia since 1998 is transition era of devloping
democracy process.Democracy has influenced the education of national,such as in
education is not obligation of central of government but is given to regional
government and is arranged in ‘UU No.32 year 2004 about reginal government,just
some of functions stiil hold  buy
national government.the change of the centralistion system to decentralisation
system will bring the consecquences in doing of national education.

Besides that,the change of the decentralisation who
will bring many changes to improve the quality os human resources to face the
global competition in 21st century.the necersarry is arranged in regulation “UU
No.14 year 2005 about teacher and lecturer.also the importance of teacher and
lecturer is the center of the key reformation in national education.

Educational system of
reformation erais arranged in “UU No.20 year 2003 describe in indicators will
bring the successfull or failure.sobecause it the government makes “PP no.19
year 2009 about the standard of  national
education that is deecribed in “permendikas RI”

Globalization Era   is the
increasing interaction of people, statedes, or countries through the growth of
the international flow of money, ideas, and culture. Globalization is primarily
an economic process of integration that has social and cultural aspects. It
involves goods and services, and the economic resources of capital, technology,
and data.12 The steam locomotive, steamship, jet engine, and container ships are some of the advances in the
means of transport while the rise
of the telegraph and its modern
offspring, the Internet and mobile phones show development in telecommunications infrastructure. All of these
improvements we enjoy in the modern era have been major factors in
globalization and have generated further interdependence of economic and cultural activities

Education is an importance  need
to live in modern world.and  education is
seen by how much the governments round the world spend on it.They encourage
people to study by providing good universities, scholarships, accommodation and
other allowances.

The valuable child hood is spent to education so that he could live a
better life in future.The parents are also eager and alert to educate their
child.The demand for education is so high that there is a good level of
busyness involved around it.A person’s education starts from school, going to
college and finally ends with a degree.This enables them to take up some
related professional work in future.So, education carries a great importance in
the present world due to its benefits to man.

Education is a product of human
culture which always develops. But, sometimes it gets a decrease in its
quality. As the result, it will be damaged in line with the development of era.
Ideally, Education must be a meaningful thing. Education will be more
meaningful if it can educate pragmatically suitable with the human era.
Therefore, education must be seen as a process to give the human a lot of abilities
to do and to overcome the life’s problems. In Indonesia, national education
derived from Indonesian culture. It based on Pancasila and Undang-Undang Dasar
1945. Undang-Undang Dasar 1945 declared that to create nation’s intelligent,
the government has to apply a national education system. Eventually, this
system has been regulated through UndangUndang no.20 about national education
system. In national education system, there are some educations.

But,nowdays there are alot of persons don’t care and realise to
education,even they are many societis don’t get quality of education and untill
high degree,such as they study and get edu just basic education such as
elemnatary school or junior high school even thouh the government has said the
societies of indonesia should finish the study of 12th basic degrees of

1B.The formulate of the problem

The government of Indosia should should supervise all of elements that
related with the education quality because it can related with the human
quality of indonesian people,altough in UUD 1945 that all people in indonesia
should get basic 12th degrees of education andin pancasila that indonesian
people have the same place to get education but in the fact  there are alot of indonesian person lack of
education because many reason,such as they to far toget the school,they don’t
have much money to continue their studyandthe don’t have occasion to study
because of their condition..

From the description above, the
problems of this paper can be formulated as follows:

a.What is the definiton of quality of educatin?

b.What is the standard of quality of national education?

c.What does the government do to improve the quality of education of
indonesian people?

1C.The Aims of this paper

The writer has written this paper 
to know about the quality of education and the power of government to
improve the quality of education in Indonesia.also to know the way how to solve
the problem of quality of education.

1D the advantages of this paper

This paper hapes can give information and knowledges  more and less about the quality of eduaction
and give advantages to the readers who read this paper in the future times