Child Gerald and Angel needed to go through was

Child abuse is a very bad thing for a child to deal with. In Forged by Fire, Gerald was being abused by his mom Monique for a young age. When he was only three, she caught him playing with her lighter and she held his hand right over the flame to teach him a lesson.” A report of child abuse is made every ten seconds”(Child Abuse Statistics & Facts). Which means that over 3,153,600 reports of child abuse happen every year. And 68% children get abuse by family members. There are different types of abuse, and what kids need to go through everyday. And most importantly, how to make it stop.  One reason about how there are different types of abuse is that the fact that there are different types of ways of being abuse. But one of the most well known ones is child abuse. The definition of it is widespread and can occur in any cultural, ethnic, or income group.   Child abuse can be physical, emotional, verbal, or sexual. It can also result from neglect. In Forged by Fire, Gerald was being child abused by his mother. Until she Abandoned him one day. His half sister Angel was also abused by a man named Jordan. She is being sexual abuse by him. There are many other types of abuse. Such as Economic Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Physical Abuse, Emotional Abuse, Academic Abuse, and so much more.  “Children who are emotionally abused and neglected face similar and sometimes worse mental health problems as children who are physically or sexually abused, yet psychological abuse is rarely addressed in prevention programs or in treating victims” (American Psychological Association). In Forged by Fire, what Gerald and Angel needed to go through was how Jordan kept on hitting and punching Gerald because he’s drunk and he would always be touching Angel and would also sometimes hit her. He also does things to Angel’s cat Tiger. He said that he would kill Tiger more than once. But that all changed in chapters 12 and 13 when he got arrested for 6-10 years. Now Gerald and Angel didn’t need to go through with his abuse for that long period. But there are other kids in this world that just don’t know how to make it stop.  There are many different ways to stop child abuse and other types. For example, in Forged by Fire, how Gerald made Jordan stop abusing him and Angel was that he told someone named Mr.Washington everything about what Jordan does to him and Angel. So they had told the police and Jordan was now behind bars. After that, everything was perfect without him. Some ways to make it stop can be to tell an adult that you trust. An adult knows what you are going through and want to help you. Something else that can help you is to tell the person who is abusing you about how you feel when they do it. You never know if that person will know how that child will feel after that. Those can be some good ways to know or do the next time if somebody abuses you.In conclusion, child abuse is a very bad thing for kids to deal with.” While child abuse is often in the form of an action, there are also examples of inaction that cause harm, such as neglect. Some households that suffer from alcoholism/substance abuse and anger issues have higher occurrences of child abuse as compared to households without” (Psychology Today). In Forged by Fire, Gerald and Angel needed to go through child abuse by Jordan for most of their childhood. Which is how these two siblings know what it’s like to be abused by somebody. The book Forged by Fire teaches readers a lot of lessons related to child abuse and what to to about it. Which is why it can be a well known book for people wanting to know what is child abuse and why people would do it.