Climate greenhouse gases. Climate change is threatening, because it

Climate change can be considered as one of the
most serious problems of the    21st century. During the last
decades an increase in average global temperature caused by human activities
has been noticed. Global warming is mainly caused by the emission of greenhouse
gases into the atmosphere (McGrath 2013). Human activities like burning fossil
fuels or deforestation are the primary cause for the emission of greenhouse
gases. Climate change is threatening, because it leads to a melting of glaciers,
an increase in sea levels and extreme weather events. Climate change will also
be threatening for the global food security and it will lead to an increase in
migration, because certain areas will be floated (UN). Climate change is a
global issue and addressing this issue requires the cooperation of countries
all over the world. The first important step in the fight against climate
change was the adoption of the so called “United Nations Framework Convention
on Climate Change” by almost all countries. In 1997 the Kyoto Protocol, which
legally obligated all developed countries that ratified it to reduce their
greenhouse gas emissions, was adopted. Those countries that ratified the Kyoto
Protocol (192 countries) are required to introduce adequate policies in their
country in order to reach the greenhouse gas targets. In 2016 the parties to
the UNFCC established the “Paris Agreement”. The main aim of this agreement is
to fight climate change by keeping the rise of the average global temperature
during the ongoing century lower than 2°C (compared to levels before industrial
revolution) (UNFCCC). Promoting
renewable energy sources, using advanced technologies, introducing a more
efficient energy use, promoting biofuels for transport and reducing the CO2
emissions of cars are some of the policies implemented by governments aimed on
reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases (UN Environment).