Coasting students and staff, but also offers reasonable alternatives

Coasting transportation devices are among the most prominent and convenient mediums to move around large college and university campuses. Many students use skateboards, scooters, and other forms of coasting transportation devices to travel around the grounds due to the distance between their intended destinations and convenience. Different individuals believe that this would enhance their overall movements and it is trendy equipment with respect to the modernized society. It also allows individuals to move in a swift manner and people can complete various tasks through these devices. However, the transportation devices also pose a threat to their well-being as well as the safety of other students, faculty, and staff due to the recklessness of some individuals.  The administration should devise a strategy that not only promotes the safety of the students and staff, but also offers reasonable alternatives for students that want to utilize transportation devices.  The current campus regulation is fair and adequate for the greater good of the students and university personnel, but it also violates the freedom of some individuals that want to utilize skateboards and other coasting devices. Different educational and administrative staff also believes in the perspective that these devices and transportation mediums negatively affect the overall decorum of an academic institute. Different students do not take such mediums seriously and this creates a long lasting impact on the overall discipline of the institute. Several students in the urge of looking trendy and cool opt for reckless behavior that lead towards various negative scenarios. Certain students travel at a faster pace and some of them show various tricks while traveling from one place to another. The university police officers and campus administration have concerns due to the reckless behavior and negligent actions of many students that threaten the safety of pedestrians on the campus. However, the restrictions and prohibition related to transportation mediums on the campus are inadequate and unfair for some students that use the devices responsibly. The President’s Cabinet should develop a policy guideline and framework for increasing the awareness of students and introduce alternative methods for traveling around the campus. The management should initially hold sessions and guide the students about the repercussions of utilizing these unwanted transportation mediums in the campus. The officials should guide them about various safety related aspects, as this would have a long lasting impact on their actions in the campus. The members should initially penalize them about the utilization of such alternatives, and they should guide individuals that how certain acrobatics can lead to serious issues in the campus. Management should opt for various alternatives because banning out beneficial aspect would have a direct impact on the overall movement of different students. Students might also make excuses and they might feel irritated because of this perspective.  Conclusively, a good plan can result in viable outcomes and it would create a long lasting impact on the overall development of the university decorum. The Cabinet should allow utilization of different coasting devices, but they should coordinate with the police authorities and devise a proactive plan that should ensure the security and safety of the individuals. Effective implementation of policies would result in viable outcomes in both the short and the long run.