Communication and privacy first.” Threema is intended to create

Communication applications are popular with the rapid increase in mobile technology. They have social network apps in order to meet the demand for customer’s mobile calling and texting. 1 Consumers are purchasing apps with considering the security and privacy of communication applications. There are two popular applications which are Telegram and Threema that are serving encrypted and secure messaging. 2 The applications are coded by many entrepreneur developers and sold through distribution platforms like the Apple App Store, Google Play, the Windows Store, Amazon Appstore and BlackBerry World. 2 As consumer usage continues to increase and technology targeting increases, an increasing number of advertisers spending will pass on to the mobile device. When we search for statistics, global mobile advertising revenues, which rose from $ 13.1 billion in 2014, are expected to reach $ 18 billion in 2013, and that growth will continue through 2017, and spend will exceed $ 41 billion. 2

“Threema is the mobile messenger that puts security and privacy first.” Threema is intended to create as meager data as conceivable on servers: Groups and contact records are overseen just on clients’ mobile phones and messages are erased instantly after conveyance. This viably keeps the gathering metadata. 3 Threema encrypts all for your contact information, for example, messages, voice calls, gathering chats, files, furthermore actually status messages. The significant point is that no one might read your messages. Threema makes secure interchanges simple and fun. It sends content and voice messages and additionally records and areas in single and gathering visits. It can serve to make voice calls, surveys, and use Threema in the work area with Threema Web. Each Threema client creates an irregular Threema ID. No telephone number or email account is required to use Threema. This enables you to use Threema totally anonymously. 3

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Threema serves confirmation your contacts by examining the QR codes or by looking at key fingerprints. This adequately safeguards man-in-the-middle attack and the consumer can be certain that he or she is discussing specifically with the focused on an individual. 3 Threema is independent company which located in Switzerland. Other communication applications: Transport encryption. With a few errand people, just the association between the client’s mobile phones and the server is encoded, e.g. utilizing SSL/TLS. In spite of the fact that this implies messages can’t be caught while in transit (a typical issue in public wireless LAN hotspots), they are in decoded shape again once they achieve the server.


Threema: Full end-to-end encryption. Threema ensures all messages utilizing end-to-end encryption – messages in single talks as well as gathering messages, documents, and even profile pictures and status messages. A fallback to decoded or simply transport-encoded associations is unthinkable. What’s more, a different transport encryption is utilized to secure the header data in transit. 4