Computer physical manufacturing processes. Widely used in metal processing

Aided Design / Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAD / CAM) is the hardware and
software systems that can be used to design a process. Engineers use CAD / CAM
tools at various stages of product development. For beginning, construct the designs
with blueprints and then actually create or assemble physical products and
components with computer-controlled equipment.


/ CAM is a major part of many physical manufacturing processes. Widely used in
metal processing and industrial manufacturing. This technology not only
provides conceptual planning for planning CAD / CAM software for construction,
construction, but also for other areas of physical building templates.
Well-planned CAD / CAM interfaces can help engineers understand the processes that
they create and work more efficiently.

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The CAD / CAM software typically
includes 3D models that facilitate the display of more contract structure
elements on multiple displays. By combining technical drafting with 3D, the CAD
/ CAM interface becomes more qualify and capable with all engineering sector.


Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM)
refers to the use of computer-controlled machines. CAM is widely used in all sector
of industrial, not just electronic products. CAM improves manufacturing and
production efficiency by increasing production speed, raw material consistency
and more accurate machining accuracy, reducing waste and energy.


CAM uses computer-driven
manufacturing processes to automate management, material tracking, planning and
shipping. CAM also implements advanced productivity tools such as simulation
and optimization to leverage expertise. Moreover, CAM is often associated with
CAD for more enhanced and streamlined manufacturing, efficient design and
superior mechanical automation.


As a process, CAM is used after Computer Aided Design (CAD).
Models designed with CAD are sometimes used as CAM inputs. Therefore, it is
called CAD-CAM. The features of the combination software divided into two main



this process, the computer delivers information for production planning as
well as management. This may include:
§  Computer Aided Process Planning (CAPP)
§  CNC part programming
§  Computerized machinability data system 
§  Work standards development
§  Inventory and production planning


the process, the computer is used to manage and control the physical
operations of the manufacturing plant. This may include:
§  Controlling of shop floor
§  Controlling of process monitoring and
§  Controlling of inventory
§  Controlling of production delivery


The machine for CAM needs programming. If the product is
designed using computer-aided design (CAD), computer software can analyze the
drawing and create a control program. This can save hours of manual programming
time. This link between CAD and CAM is called Computer Integrated Manufacturing