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Convectional computing operates within the parameters that were programmed into it.It have all the processor speed and memory,but the code would be what software designers and writers have produced.An artificial intelligence would, much like humans, make decisions solely on it’s own. It would be able to learn and in essence, constantly reprogram itself. It would be able to make decisions based on a more ethical or moral, not a programmed factual manner.Convectional computing are rule based computing. Rules are clearly defined and implemented in the programming language as to how the computing as to how the computing should function and behave in certain condition.Intilligent system on the other hand are observation and learning based sysytems.They observe the surrounding ecosystem and theenvironment, the past data and how the system has responded in past to certain data.Based on this data, a pattern is esablished rulesare dervied automatically and then system follow these rules. Intilligent is based on hand computing techniques (using a modern chipset).Convectional computing uses a combination of techniques (both hard and soft) including fuzzy logic. It can be said that convectionalcomputing subsumes artifical intilligent.Convectional Computing functions logically with a set of rules and calculations.It is often unable to manage the variability of dataobtainen in a real world.Intilligent can function via images,pictures and concepts.It is like our brains is well suited to suitations that have no clear algorithmicsolutions and are able to manage noisy imprecise data.This allows them to excel in those areas that convectional computing often finds difficult.Convectional computing is a computing which guarantees a solution to a given problem.Intilligent computing is a computing which doesn’t guarantee solution to given problem.Convectional computing is based on algorithms whose instructions are stored in memory and executed are stored in memory and executed in sequential way.Intilligent computing are not based on algoritms but it uses resoning and inferencing over the knowledge base to search and pattern matching.Intilligent computing can solve a range of problems in a given domain.Convectional computing can solve only one problem at a time in a given domain.In Intilligent computing programmers design artifical intilligence software to give the problems to computer not the steps to solve it.In Convectional computing programmers originally design software that accomplished tasks by completing algorithms.