COPENHAGEN and the most popular city of Denmark. Christianity


      To start with, Copenhagen is the capital
city and the most popular city of Denmark. Christianity is the religion of the
country. Native Tongue is Danish but local people speak English and German very
well. It is between the North Sea and Baltic Sea in Northern Europe. Greenland
Island is the connected to Denmark. By the way, Greenland is the biggest island
in the world. It has got a temperature oceanic climate. It is more ideal to go
there in the summer. Denmark is one of the most greeen countries in the world.
People usually ride their bikes. Local people are the happiest people in the
world and they are genial. Straget is the most famous shopping street in
Copenhagen. Furthermore, it has got a lot of museum and monument. For example,
The Little Mermaid, H.C Andersen Statue and The Workers Museum. There are a lot
of famous building  in Copenhagen. For
instance, Frederic Church and Christianburg Palace. There are Botanical Park,
Kongens Have and Amoger Strandpark in there. Royal Library and Copenhagen
Central Library arethe most famous libraries in Copenhagen. They are very big
and large. They seem to gorgeous.Everything is 
regularly in there.Copenhagen cuisine is very delicious dishes.
Smorrebrod is the most famous dish. It i kind of an open sandwich. Aebleskiver
is a  pancake. They usually eat at
Christmas. Also, Wienerbrod is a good patty variety. By the way, There are two
many cheese varieties. There are a lot of students in there. Therefore, it has
got lively nightlife. The Danish culture is very brood so there are many
festivals in Copenhagen. Roskide Festival is the most popular festival in
there. People are celebrate the festival every year. A lot of dancer join to
this festival. It has got two universities. Those are Copehagen University and
Technigal University of Denmark. Besides, if you go to Copenhagen, you can stay
good hotels but unfortunately hotels are very expensive.For example, Hotel Nimb
is the most popular hotel in there. In a nutshell, Copenhagen is like a tale.
It provided the inspiation for Andersen Tales.

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