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17, 2017

Obesity in America

            Obesity in America is a problem that
affects many people and it continues to increase each year. Being overweight is
increasing all over the world among children, teens and adults. Obesity can
lead to cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. Centers of Disease Control showed
that one-third of adult population has been labeled overweight. In the 1980s,
people in America suddenly started working out in many different ways. The long-term
results of them end with risk of bad health later in life. Society created
obesity and it also discriminates against it. This issue affects everyone, even
those who is not obese. To battle obesity, counteractive action needs to begin
in early life. Individuals need to settle on solid nourishment decisions and
exercise needs to be a part of all individual lifestyles.

try to battle against obesity but in order to battle obesity, counteractive
action needs to begin in early life. Young individuals become overweight or
obese because the lack of physical activity in combination with poor eating
habits. What do you think causes childhood obesity? It’s the energy imbalance
and bodyweight. Preventing obesity early is a good way to protect individual’s
health and self-esteem. Children in America is at a great risk of obesity
because they’re vulnerable to society. Parents can avoid their kids from
becoming obese. Family interventions are a key strategy in efforts to, “Control
children’s energy, including diet, physical activity, media use, and sleep.”( Obesity
begin in childhood and many children end up being overweight. Children rely on
their parents for everything in life. They eat what is given to them from their
parents so the parents are the blame if the child becomes obese. Childhood
obesity is more likely to carry over to adulthood if the parents don’t set
rules for the children such as limiting how much sugar the child take in and
exercise time. Childhood obesity can be handled in different ways. Small
changes can lead to success for children by making food healthier, helping the
kids stay active in sports or anything else and helping them understand the
affects if they don’t eat healthy and exercise. Parents should encourage their
kids to eat the right way which is the healthy way to avoid obesity early.

            Individuals need to settle on solid
nourishment decisions instead of fast food. Over the past four decades,
individuals have consumed more fast food now than ever. America is a fast pace
society and it is way easier for people to quickly stop at a fast food place to
get a quick meal. More fast food places are available now than ever and that
help lead people to be obese. When you eat meals that are unhealthy, the sugar
causes a large spike in your blood-sugar levels. It can lead to you having a
heart attack or your tissues may become inflamed. Your blood pressure may even
rise. The good thing is that eating healthy will help your body return back to
normal. The ads on TV are pushing the unhealthy habits into people lives and
causing them to have many health issues. Fast foods are high in calories, fat,
saturated and trans fat, sugar, carbohydrates and sodium. Those things affect
children worse than adults because fast foods attract children more than
adults. Eating out has a major impact on childhood obesity. Overeating junk
food can lead to obesity because it is high in calories but low in nutritional
value. It has high amounts of sugar and fat without providing minerals,
vitamins or nutrients that are essential to good health. “Although many health authorities insist that there is no such
thing as junk food, consumers find it a useful term for distinguishing
nourishing food from products whose chief appeal is fun, convenience, and
addictive taste; ‘bet you can’t eat just one'” (Junk Food). Americans spend
over $27 billion a year on junk. Nearly 50 percent of adults eat out daily and
some eat fast food. That is because fast foods have spread wide enough in all
areas. It’s almost like society set people up to be obese. When you’re out at a
grocery store, there’s a lot of junk, such as, candy and chips at check out.
When you’re at the gas station there’s candy and other junk right in front your
eyes. To avoid
obesity, you must reduce the amount of unhealthy processed foods and replace
them with fruits instead.

            Many Americans lose the battle
against obesity because junk food distracts them from the healthy things in
life. Fast food is being pushed at Americans ten times harder than ever. The
fast food is even cheap enough to afford daily which is also another problem.
It’s hard for them to be physically fit because there are too many challenges
thrown at them from fast foods and junk. Being obese is one of the hardest things
an individual has to deal with in life and the health problems that come along
with it. Being depressed and being in an emotional state is like an affect
obesity has on a person. Obese individuals have a hard walk throughout life
constantly being reminded by others how they damaged their life and how it’ll
never be the same. The benefits of good eating habits can make your life easy
and at no risk of being obese. That’ll give you a lifelong of happiness and
more willing to want to live.

            Exercise needs to be a part of all
individual lifestyles to avoid obesity. Obesity comes from energy imbalance.
Exercise help people control weight because by keeping active it helps you stay
at a good weight or even lose weight, it depends. Individuals can avoid heart
disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure just by staying
active. Exercise help to lose weight or stay fit but it works better if you
have a solid low calorie food plan. The more calories you take in, the more you
have to exercise. Physical activity is decreasing in America and that explains
why chronic disease are everywhere. Weight gain in adulthood can increase risks
of diabetes and heart disease. Exercise increases people energy, which can keep
them balanced. Physical activity decreases fat and reduces depression and
anxiety. It’s hard for most people to lose weight so it’d be better to never
gain it.