Dear which was four years at Deakin University and

Dear Sir/Madam,

                                                              The purpose letter    

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The purpose of writing this letter is to give a brief
background about my family and my studies and the purpose of me going to
Australia. The main reason why I’m going to Australia is to complete my higher
studies which I started at Nawaloka College of Higher Studies. And now I have
accepted to study at Swinburne University of Technology for the Course of bachelor’s
In accounting.


Family Background

My father is W. P. A. Rohan Perera and he owns his own
company which is Industrial Concrete Works Pvt Ltd. My mother is D. W. S. D. K.
Amarawadena who is a house wife and also a director of Industrial Concrete
Works Pvt Ltd. I Chethena Shenali Perera is their only daughter and I have two
brothers who is elder and younger to me. My elder brother who is W. P. R. S.
Perera finished his degree which was four years at Deakin University and is
currently living in Australia. My younger brother is V. S. Perera and he is
studying for his advanced level examination at St. Peters College, which he
will be sitting in 2019.


Education Background

I studied at St. Bridget’s Convent from grade one. I sat for
the Ordinary level examination in 2013 and passed it with 7A’s and 2B’s. In
2016 I sat for the Advanced level examination in commerce stream and got 2C’s
and 1S. After leaving school I decided that I want to pursue my studies further
and started my degree at Nawaloka College of higher Studies in June 2017 and
now I have completed the first year of my studies and is waiting for the
results. I successfully completed the first semester with two high distinctions
and two distinctions.


Why this course

I have chosen to major in Bachelor of Accounting from my
second year because accounting is a crucial factor for every business. Accountants
are needed for all sectors in the business field to manage, record and to
balance the books. Accounting is considered to be the basic tool for businesses
in order to become successful.

Accounting has been in huge demand with the changes of new
trends such as globalization, government regulations etc. I have found out that
The Bachelor of Accounting helps students to gain skills such as evaluating,
analyzing and communicating the financial position of an individual or an
organization. By doing the Bachelor of Accounting degree we are eligible to
learn about the tax systems, budgeting, financial statistics and other systems
associated with accounting.  I was also
very interested in Accounting when I was doing my advanced level examination
and was always thinking of being an accountant in the future.

Even though there’s a lot of students who do this degree and
graduate the need for accountants is never fading away as everyday new
companies are built and they need accountants to record the company’s financial
gatherings. The average salary of an accountant is pretty decent amount which
is an average of AU$55,552 per year.

Another reason why I chose this degree was because I wanted
to expand my knowledge in Accounting furthermore. I’m confident that the
Bachelor of Accounting degree will help me to pursue my dream in becoming an
accountant and I believe it will be a greater qualification for me.  


Why this institute

Swinburne University is an internationally recognized
university. Swinburne is ranked in the 450 universities around the world. And according
to the Australian ranking its in the 22nd place. Studying at the
Swinburne University gives me the privilege of studying overseas and I get the
opportunity to access flexible study options. I am particularly inspired with
the high quality education, remarkable educators and the modern facilities that
it provides the students. I believe that Swinburne will be a great place for me
to study with a diverse student population where I can learn about other people
and can share the knowledge with others to get a high educational experience.

Swinburne also offers a high quality research and teaching
based on modern technology. The degrees offered by the Swinburne university are
designed with the career in mind and will help me to move on with my career opportunities
or to take a step which is more in an advanced level. The students are well
disciplined, and they not only target on the advanced theoretical knowledge but
also on the skills that employers are actively seeking nowadays. Swinburne is
also recognized as a best design university in the world by the 2015 QS world
rankings of universities by subject.


Why Australia


Australia is a popular destination for international
students across the world. Melbourne is a culturally diverse city in Australia
with a high number of population. Australia offers students modern facilities
and it helps the international students to gain a better knowledge. Therefore,
I have chosen Australia to compete my degree. Australia furnishes worldwide
understudies with dynamic training programs and great open doors. Australia
also offers students a safe environment, world class teaching facilities as
well as modern technology. Since my brother is also in Australia I also wanted
to get a degree that is globally recognized, and Australia proves to be the
best destination. Australia is one of the main nations in the field of business
headways and consequently, accepting a bachelor’s degree in Australia will make
me more significant and will help me get a good job in the future.

Most preciously, the reason behind why I didn’t choose to
continue my studies in Sri Lanka because the education providers main goal is
to give the theoretical knowledge to student without considering the practical
knowledge they’ll need for future. And also, I personally believe that the
degrees offered in Sri Lanka do not meet the needs and demands of the global
job market.

Long Term Goals

My main goal Is to graduate from the Swinburne university
with a first class degree. It is important to be able to maintain my dedication
toward studies and not deviate from it. I have to maintain my focus on this
objective and will try my best to do well. And thereafter to find a job that
helps me to achieve my targets. I also want to continue my studies further with
a master’s degree and I hope that it will help me to get a job from a renowned
company in Australia. I also wish to strengthen my interpersonal skills while
studying in the Swinburne University. The confidence and experiences I gain at
the university will help me to achieve my targets in the job field. I’m
confident that I will be able to achieve all my goals with the help of the
staff and from all the services provided at the Swinburne university.

Short term goals

Attending lectures every day and maintain good results is a
main short term goal of mine. In or der to achieve my long term goals I must
plan out my studies and must perform well. Keeping up good grades in every
subject in every semester is short term goal which will help me to get the long
term goal of getting a first class degree in Bachelor of Accounting. Working on
a part time job is also a goal of mine. It will help me to balance my studies
and the working environment in the future as well. I also would love to join in
to groups at Swinburne university which will help me to interact with different
students and to share my knowledge and get experience in what I do. To travel
across different cities in Australia would also be a short term personal goal
of mine.

Immigration History

I have travelled to India twice during 2009 for a visit (08th
May – 11th May) and for a competition held by abacus and I have
obtained visa twice for that purpose. (13th November- 16th
November). After that I travelled to Singapore a visa free country for a visit
during the time period of 07th April 2015 – 13th April
2015. And finally, I travelled to kingdom of Thailand in 23rd march
to 28th March solely for a visit and I obtained visa for it.
Travelling to Australia is my next instance of travel and I’m well aware of the
rules and obligations I need to follow.